Saturday, April 12, 2008

Memorable Moments of Cricket In SSN VI

So far I've been talking about certain clips involving me in the matches we've played. They may or may not have had any influence in the result of the matches- only they gave me satisfaction.
However, this time I bring you the entire action, excitement and emotions of a match in which I had a starring role. Sadly, the match was not the usual bowling match, rather an over-arm

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Clarke and Morals: Extremely Contrasting Entities

I'm not usually into writing gossip, however, this one is about a cricketer whose batting I've liked. And the fact that the whole thing is crazy didn't stop me from publishing this post.
Anyway here's the story.

Michael Clarke has proposed to Lara Bingle with a diamond ring supposedly worth $100,000- an offer the famous swimsuit model just couldn't refuse. From the outset it looked like a wonderful romantic story.

A famous Australian starlet coveted by all and sundry (to say it the Aussie way) is conquered by one of the hottest Australian cricketer of recent times (believe me- Michael "Pup" Clarke's stocks are sky high at the moment- He is tipped to be the next Captain of Australia; his batting career on an upswing; the man who conjured up three wickets to bring a fantastic ending to a highly controversial yet ultimately series deciding Sydney Test against India- Michael Clarke is hot in Australia at the moment)

However, a little probing into the matter and I find its all back to Tinseltown. "All that glitters is not gold, matey" I hear a voice say.
Lara Bingle aint your beautiful, yet not available kind of girl, and Clarke is not the hard, yet good cricketer either.

Lara Bingle has been involved in hordes of controversies, one of which would shame any suitor even though her body looks hot (which she showed nude for all to see when she was just 18. She sued EMAP Australia for publishing those pictures and gaining undue publicity as they had been taken when she wasn't so "famous", or notorious I would say). She had had an affair with Brendan Felona, an Aussie Rules Footballer who marriage broke up when the affair became public. She was also the Face of Australian Tourism until she was removed from it unceremoniously and replaced by Bindi Irwin. She appeared as a bikini clad vixen in Fingal Bay for the famous "So where the bloody hell are you?" commercial for Australian Tourism and the parody of this Ad for 2006-07 Ashes series ad in another bikini, this time on a cricket pitch.

The future Aussie skipper is no saint either. He was been involved in various controversies that clouded the Sydney test, and not surprisingly all of them showed his immorality. How immoral could you get if you wed a girl who has already bedded another woman's husband, and that too publicly. Crazy I say!

So that way, they do make a pair, albeit a pair you wouldn't look up as a divine union, but an unholy one. However, it is not up to us to decide that- its their decision, and that is all that matters I guess. Period.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Ramayana 3392 Reloaded: Simply Scintillating

They put it aptly at the end of Ramayan 3392, after Bharat is crowned King of Aryavarta-that this is "The Beginning". Indeed it was just a beginning to the carnage that ensues in the 2nd part. Its just wild madness at a frenetic pace to use some analogies. Ramayan itself has taken a new avatar in this Reloaded series.

Gone are the colorful hues and the old school comic images; they have now been replaced by more realistic images with dark hues that reflect the difficult times the lead characters face. The drawing style also infuses a frenetic pace into the proceedings and although this was a feature of the previous series, due to the presence of more fights (there are atleast 3 in every issue) and chases extreme care has been taken to make full use of it to keep the reader glued to the books.

The story continues from where it ended in the last series, with the prohetic words "The Beginning" and follows the journey of trio- Rama, Seetha and Lakshman from Mithila. They encounter various dangers, make some friends and hordes of enemies on their way to safety (which they know not where to find). They meet namesakes of characters of the original epic Ramayana, however we find that these namesakes like Sabari, Angad, Khara, Dushan etc. are portrayed in a totally different vein.

It promises to provide us with an exiciting, nail-biting thriller for a climax, and I can't wait to read those issues.

The latest part of the series Ramyana Reloaded 5 is just out in the stands. Get your copy soon.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Tokyo Drift Fast and Furious Teriyaki boys soundtrack

There are a lot of songs in the hip hop genre, but none so fast as this. True to the name of the movie it appears in- its fast and furious. It starts off with a lilting baby piano sound and explodes in a medley of hard drum beats and a shrill female chorus who sing english with an altogether different pronunciation and a heavily loaded asian accent.

It is followed by the rap part, and alternates between the female chorus and the drum beats accompanied by the rap which is in Japanese and English. The song then slows down in the middle for us to catch and very soon picks up its original pace and proceeds to make us play catch up.

The whole song is kind of number listening to which even your grandmother would get onto the stage and dance- its so pacy and energetic. I had the privilege of watching some beautiful girls from my college dancing for this number in a music and skit show. There's no better feeling that watching beautiful girls endowed with some curvaceous figures dance to the tune of this booming number. Don't watch too closely, lest you might end up getting a heart attack.

Anyway- here's the song and the lyrics. Enjoy!

Free Download Tokyo Drift soundtrack The fast and the furious rapdishare megaupload Ziddu
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Free Download Tokyo Drift soundtrack lyrics The fast and the furious rapdishare megaupload Ziddu (lyrics)

Digxa Shopping Services

I've always wanted to shop with all in depth knowledge about the thing I'm shopping for. However, even though its possible on paper, nobody can ever be sure of a thing's pros and cons unless its a trusted brand.

And even trusted brands may fail sometimes, while new ones spring up. So what we need is some kind of site that keeps updating itself regarding the hot shopping topics searched for. Because customers are always looking to get the latest in every commodity.

Enter Digxa- an online comparison website that helps you compare the prices, features and other such factors of each and every commodity you may require and home in on the product you want.

Its pretty simple, and very useful. Shopping has never been so easy. And the categories are enormous. From computers to cell phones and PDA and other technological advancements to the basic furniture, watches, shoes etc.

So what are you waiting for? Just look up the site and start comparing. Keep yourself updated on changes in the market as well find out the best brand and deal for your product.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Memorable Moments of cricket in SSN VI

Well folks, I had developed a lot of my skills- fielding, bowling etc. However, I hadn't produced a performance that cried out "I have arrived, fear me!". The day wasn't far from the last memorable moment, I soon found out.

It was a day after I had had a gross injustice committed to me. I had been totally snubbed by Sundar, who was the team captain, while he threw the ball to supposed heavyweights like Santhosh and Ramkumar who were unrestrained in their profligacy. The thing that struck me most was the fact that Santhosh had been given the first oved of the innings, and he went for 12 runs. Yet, he was given the over without even a slight hesitation by Sundar.
If I had given away so many runs in my over, even due to my misfortune, I would have shunned for an entire semester, keeping in mind that single over.

The gross injustice of it all fueled my fire that had been raging for quite a long time. It had already been lit ablaze a long time back when silly idiots used to comment about my bowling. What do these people know about cricket or spin bowling to teach me my job, let alone talk about it?

Anyway, I decided it was time to unleash the fire (maybe instincts slogan was inspired from this moment) in me. The next match I got the opportunity.

I was given an over, with strict warning not to give away runs, with a balanced field. The batsmen at the crease were Vijay and Raghavan- no two heavyweights, yet no pushovers. I went around the wicket for the first few deliveries and found that I had remarkeable spin. Pitching on middle or off I spun the ball way outside off stump that it was immediately termed a wide. I tried my best to control my line or spin, by angling it more towards middle or leg stump, or trying to reduce the spin, all to no avail.

Just then, Vijay had a brainwave. He jokingly told me try bowling around the stumps. It was a casual comment, yet I saw the wisdom in it. The immediately changed to around the stumps, to miraculous effects. From that angle, my balls pitched just on or outside leg stump and spun far away from off stump.

Every ball was speared in at the same spot with the accuracy of a sniper or Glenn Mcgrath (whichever side of the globe you are) and every time the ball spun, bounced and evaded all efforts of Raghavan, Vijay, later Sundar and some others' desperate grasp. It seemed they had no idea of where the ball was heading. I had thought (a few matches before) my heydays as a great legspinner ala Warne had ended, and that I had forgotten the deep leg spin.

Not even in my wildest dreams had I imagined that I would recover my pomp so soon, and at this match. Maybe it was the pitch, or perhaps it was the conditions (sunny day), or perhaps it was just my day; whatever it was I took top honours that day as a bowler.

However, we lost the match- due to Vijay's good fortune, who got more than 3 lives, one of which was a dropped catch of mine ().

Upgrade your arsenal for paintball with jerry's paintball guns

Paintball is always a fun game. Right from your childhood, even upto old age, its the kind of game that livens up parties. Come to think of it, its so popular that versions of this game exist in India as well, although they call it an indigenous festival of colors called Holi, during which they wear white dresses and spray different colors on each other.

Of course, we all know that paintball isn't as simple as that. While its pure madness in Holi, in paintball, its more calculated. Its like an army game. You've got to have a good arsenal to beat your opponents. The guns need to have certain characteristics like real ones- accuracy and rate of fire. And of course, if it has some accesory for aiming-its a bonus.

So where do you get quality paintball guns and accessories? I found a good online shopping site for that-Jerry's Paintball that specialises in paintball versions of real army guns. Guns like Spyder and Tippman brands don't need any introduction among kids who play US Army Paintball. They are the most coveted ones of their kind. The kids are going to love this. The prices are reasonable, for such sophisticated products, and I would say its worth a visit to check out what they have to offer. I can't say you would be blown over, but you'll surely be impressed.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kaushal Sheth: Online Guide to Web hosting

Well folks, I understand everyone of you out there surfing on the net wants to host a site of their own- some of you may use it for your business, some others for targeting online audience to widen your customer base, and even some would want it to show off your presence online.

But it takes quite a lot of your precious time, and some luck in finding a reliable and afforadble web hosting solution. After all, yo don't want your site to crash at some opportune moment, would you?

So the man you have got to reach out for is- Kaushal Sheth whose web hosting guide is a godsend for travellers on this road where danger lurks at every turn.

He has given you a list of top ten web hosting sites, and sufficient reasons to support his statements. And of course you can also get some more info from his techie friends who leave comments in the site.

He values Host Monster, Host Gator, and of course Yahoo Host as his top 3, just for your info.
Next time you want web hosting, you know where to turn people!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mac users worry not! There're games for you too!

Almost every game out there is made for windows, and some for linux. But what about the poor Mac OS? How do Mac users get entertainment? Well, some might say Mac users are usually geeks, who don't need indulge in such time-wasting activities. But whatever you say- there must be some applications for Mac entertainment, just for the sake of it.

Some of the best pasttimes online is playing Poker. After all, we all play Poker with our friends, and so it's not anything new, but playing with real money, at the comfort of your home with no worries as to who has to deal, or calculating the big blind, small blind etc.-now that does amount to something. That's exactly what I found at Mac Poker Online. It has a collection of sites that can support Poker on Mac. The guys have reviewed each site and tell you truthfully as to what to expect there. Sites reviewed include Pacific Poker , Fulltilt Poker etc. The site is also well presented- with links at the right places- all the right links you would look for. The color scheme is pleasing as well- just the kind of colors you wold expect in a casino.
They have some FAQ questions as well-like whether online gambling is legal etc. They also give you detailes about the various Online Casino Bonuses offered in the sites reviewed. These bonuses are extra cash provided, usually when you join, or when you play for some amount of time.
Anyway- they are what they are- bonuses, so don't need to be hard won- they are easily won. You just need to follow the instructions.
So look up the site Mac users- its time you had your share of fun. And there's no better way to pay Poker Online and earn cash, while having fun. Enjoy Folks!

Memorable Moments of Cricket in SSN V

I had last left the story when I had learned to judge deep catches and had taken 3 successfully. Today I continue from the last line of the previous chapter- fickleness of fortunes in the cricket pitch. I have two other instances of catches that came my way that I must mention here.
Though I didn’t catch either of these two, due to totally different reasons, I learned valuable lessons from both.

The first was when I had just been to the pitch to celebrate a wonderful castling by some bowler I can’t remember, and was jogging back to my place. I reached it at a leisurely pace, and turned and saw to my horror the ball flying towards me, and I knew that it was going to fall short of me. And it sure did. But what happened next was what that made the moment more special. The ball fell short and bounced in front of me. In a moment of extremely fast reflexive actions, I threw my hands in an effort to stop its journey, and sure enough it was successful. The ball was heading to the boundary, if not for that effort, and I had saved two runs. The fact that a lot of wickets had fallen already, and that I had tried my best and saved two runs impressed my friends. They understood that the ball had been bowled with me not being ready. Nobody even mentioned my missing of the catch, but I felt guilty. If I had been at my place at the time of delivery, this would have been another catch in my bag, However, I looked at the brighter side of it- if I had been at the place and fluffed it, and then all my good work in the day would have been forgotten. So it was God’s way of saving me from disgrace. So this wasn’t a miss actually- it was not my catch at all.

The last of the catches was a simple one, by my standards then- surprising how high standards can rise in the space of just one day. I was at sweeper cover now (the offside equivalent of square leg), and the wind was blowing from my right to the left. So when the ball was heading to me from a top edged square cut, I did all my known basics right, but forgot that the wind would have its part to play. I had also forgotten to see the ball until the last moment. I judged with an air of presumption that I had assumed after having caught so well till then, and placed my palms at a position where according to me the ball would land. If not for the wind, the ball was heading nowhere else. However, the wind pushed the ball further leftwards and it just grazed my fingertips, as my palms closed and fell to the ground, to my horror. That was one of the many lives Vijay would get, in a match where fortune helped in their victory- extras, especially from an over by Shankar, were the hero here, and good old lady luck for Vijay, whose top edges either dropped short, fell in no man’s land, or (in this case) were dropped. Puli (Senthil Kumar) could not believe I had dropped this. I told him what had happened, and he immediately reprimanded me for forgetting the basics. If I had my eyes on the ball, my palms would have moved towards it in a reflexive action. I felt like having been slapped.
I felt my pride melting away. Indeed- if you don’t follow the basics with hard concentration, you only stand to lose, however good a catcher you are.
That’s about my experiences with deep catching. Next in the series comes my exploits in close-in fielding. Keep tuning.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Memorable Moments of Cricket in SSN IV

Well, I’m back with more memories. The funny thing about memories is that you have got to keep remembering them for them so stay put. Else they’ll be replaced by new ones in the fresh category.

Anyway, I had last left story at the point where I had come to a nadir with respect to my fielding. Although my bowling had improved quite well- not quite as well as I would’ve liked, my fielding was fast unbecoming.

So, a few months later, when we began to play cricket (in our last semester in college), I was determined to set the record right. We were now playing in a different place- in the barren lands adjoining the sports block. So I thought- a new place, a new day.

Indeed it was, I was asked to open, and played quite well. However I tried to loft a fast half volley on my legs when I must have just flicked it away with my strong wrists, and holed out to long on. I guess I need more batting practice to start using the full range of my strokes, and make judgments as to choose which stroke for which ball. The fact that I’ve learnt it is a different story- narrated later in this series.

Anyway, after having given a good start to the innings, it was propelled to a good finish by the other batsmen, and we had a good score to defend. I was asked to field at long on this time- quite a new position for me, which is usually kept for bowlers who can easily change after overs during a spell. I was asking God- please give me a chance to prove myself.

And give it He did very soon. Early into the innings, Vijay pulled a short one; got the top edge and the ball flew in my direction. I quickly focused on in it like a hawk focuses on its prey, unwavering from the ball, and my feet started to move all by themselves in the right direction. I moved like in a trance truly and I felt the ball dying, thought it might fall before me so I leaned forward at the last moment and pouched it comfortably, close to my thigh, with both hands.

My joy knew no bounds that I threw the ball high up in delight, while still continuing the run towards the bowler’s end. My first catch in the deep! The fact that I had caught this ball fielding at long on, while my own demise was by holing out to the same place was poetic justice to me.

And there was more to come on the same day.

Later in the innings I had been shifted to long off and another top edge sailed straight to me. This time I was confident. I followed the ball like a missile homes in on its target. I knew I didn’t have to move at all for this. I just steadied my position, bent my knees slightly without moving an inch, and pocketed the gift right down my throat with my palms in the protective posture. It was a catch as cool as it gets- in fact I was calmness personified (true to my name Prashanth), and my technique seemed so perfect that I had even taken care to not prevent my palms from hiding the ball from my eyes even at the last moment. Sadly, the ball was a no-ball. I had seen it the moment the bowler (Shankar) had overstepped, but I didn’t allow thoughts that this was going to be a useless catch to bother me. In fact, I told myself the umpire wouldn’t have noticed the overstepping, but it was going to be a futile prayer. He had crossed the line by a large distance, and it would take a blind man not to see that.

Anyway, I was happy I hadn’t spilled any of the catches so far. If the first made me happy, the second made me delightful.

And there was to be a third as well. This one made me delirious. This time I was back at my stock position; yes you guessed it- square leg. We had just finished a high scoring match which we had won, and we expected to see more fireworks by the end of the day. Right in the first over of the match there were signs. A boundary had been hit, fine off the leg side. Later in the over, Ramkumar (Rockram) pulled a short one, and the ball was heading to me at square leg. This time, I had no issues; nothing at all. I just watched the ball, followed the basics and pocketed another catch- 3 on 3! That catch started a slide, and wickets tumbled. The match was at a stark contrast to the previous one where wickets were at a premium, Prakash and I were amazed at the fickleness of fortunes in the cricket pitch.

Monday, March 17, 2008

To the victor go the spoils

Well, India have had a tough, and triumphant series down under, and now its time to look at the spoils.

First of all, there are a lot of positives from the series, as well some riches unearthed. The most conspicuous and greatest gain of the tournament has been the emergence of Ishant Sharma as a lethal bowler. India has always been handicapped by the absence of a strike bowler who could deliver consistently. We've had some good bowlers who peaked now and then, however, even those bowlers in their day weren't so much as deadly- bowlers like Zaheer Khan, Irfan Pathan, Sreesanth, RP Singh, L Balaji, Ajit Agarkar to name a few. But with Ishant at the helm, and Zaheer, Irfan and Sreesanth (Not to forget the newest member of the squad- the modest Praveen Kumar) India have a pace battery that is varied as well potent.

Uthappa has managed to keep his role as a floater- he can get runs quickly at the end of the innings or at the opening as well. His kind of shots find most use in the powerplays, so Indians must learn to use him well- he was used well in the series, and if the Indian think-tank did it consciously then they are going in the right direction.

Gambhir has emerged as the best No.3 in ODIs India had for a long time. His technique is solid, and he's extremely comfortable against the spinners- and plays it as well as Sachin and Dravid. And the fact that he played so well in the T20 shows that he can change the pace of the innings according to the situation.

With Rohit Sharma's cool head and the big hitting capabilities of Yuvraj and Dhoni, India looks a menacing batting unit- just like ever on paper, but this time for real as well. Yuvraj showed great signs of what he can do in the match againt Sri Lanka- where everybody was struggling to pierce the in-field, Yuvraj revelled in getting his runs in boundaries. We saw a repeat of that in the 2nd Final against Australia, which was cut short by Yuvraj's momentary lapse of concentration and getting carried away. He needs to control his feelings of exuberance, and concentrate on getting the runs more than anything else. Like Gavaskar said "Play good cricket India! Not glamourous cricket!" Tendulkar's presence at the top will be a morale booster for the side while terrifying the opposition, which means others can play their natural game, with the feeling that while Sachin's out there, there's nothing to worry.

Dhoni's captaincy has improved manifold that he actually out thought Ponting in various occasions. His masterstrokes in the final are now part of folklore- introducing Chawla for the first time in the series, in both the finals (even when the pitch in the 2nd Finals was said to favour the fast bowlers), as well giving the new ball to Praveen Kumar on both occasions. He has also changed his batting style to the extent that he scores atleast 30-40 runs at a run-a-ball pace almost every match. Earlier he would score big innings, but sporadically. This style is more befitting the role of a captain, but he must not forget his origins- of the batsmen who demolished bowler's reputations. Already some people have started feeling he has lost the shots he became famous for. The fact that he throws away such talk by saying "Stealing singles is more fun that bludgeoning boundaries" is all nice in the press, but he must know that India might need him in that role as well. But for now, he is the "cement" in the middle order for India (commentatorspeak). If India gets going well from the top more often, he may get the license to hit as he comes at 4 or 5 down.

So all in all, India has become a side to look for- already South Africa are keen to defeat India, looking at it as their salvation of sorts, and so they must constantly be thinking and moving ahead. They must guard themselves against burnout- which is very frequent nowadays, and with the bench strength that India has right now, they can afford to rotate players. The Aussie tour has showered injuries upon the side- as the latest medical report revealed, and its time India took burnout as a serious issue.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hair Grafting and Consultation

We all love our hair- in fact the truth is the hair is what that gives beauty to our face while we whine about our nose, chin and cheeks. If we ever imagined ourselves as bald we would understand this fact- we would look so otherworldly; we would look like aliens from the star trek series.
So what's got to be done if you hair is falling? First of all, its time you understood the seriousness of the problem and found out where's the problem- whether its genetic, or due to aging, or due to other reasons. Then if the trend is not reversible by medicine, you must go in for hair transplant.
Looking up the Net for a nice hair transplant site (I looked up for myself as preventive measure- I'm not losing hair, touchwood) I came across a certain Dr. Shapiro who gave me an amazing piece of information- even your nutritional supplements can cause hair loss! Now how many of us know that?
He does hair transplants at South Florida, and it costs as low $3 for a graft! I must say he's a reliable man from his site, and from the information he provides, you can be sure he's a man who knows what he's doing. The site provides videos of patients who tell us about him, and various other footage about his job. There's also a wonderful FAQ section that answers all your queries as well allaying inherent fears.
Gotten a problem with your hair? Time to meet Dr.Shapiro mate.

A Fistful of dollars sountrack

The movie wasn't a sensation, and so wasn't the soundtrack at any rate. Even the movie achieved prominence only after a decade or so, and the soundtrack became famous only because it reminded people of the movie and not because it had anything special. But, it signalled the start of a legacy and because of that this soundtrack is an artifact.
The soundtrack isn't bad either. Its got the usual Ennio Morricone elements (interestingly he was credited as Dan Savio in the film's credits), the whistling and yodeling along with the latin guitar. It's quite an enjoyable tune- the kind of tune that stays in your mind long after you've heard it; the kind of tune you keep humming while on the move.
Its worth it for you to download it and find out how this track sounds, coz I aint gonna describe this.

Free Download A Fistful of Dollars original soundtrack rapidshare megaupload ziddu
Size: 3.9 MB

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Get Rich With Vitamins Fellas! Move over soft drinks!

My mama always said "Son, if you ought to grow big and strong like Hanuman (he is a Hindu deity who is portrayed as the strongest person who is not a God by birth), you need vitamins and proteins."
With the entry of junk food and chips, there's perhaps no way we could eat according to our daily dietary requirements. Life shows no mercy, and soon you end up with some vitamin deficiency disorder, and believe me- such disorders may cause havoc in your life, especially if you're young- under 16 or so. If your body aint well made until atleast 20, you could end chronically sick, affected by petty diseases now and then. Like for example a silly cold could trouble you for days. Or you could end up with disorders that could deform your body shape- if you ever get such a disorder, forget about having a beautiful shape ever- you wont ever get back the perfect homo sapiens form, and it caused by deficiency of Vitamin D.

So how do we get the necessary vitamins? Eating Veggies? But how do I know which veggie has which vitamin, and veggies aren't so tasty are they? So the best way is vitamin supplements.
Looking up the Internet for vitamins supplements I came across this 10-in-one multi vitamin formula that provides all our required vitamins as Liquid Vitamins in just about a few ounces. And a bottle of 323 ounces is just $19.95. The whole site is filled with recommendations from top Doctors and authorities on the subject.
Even if you are an ignoramus on this subject, it wont take you long to understand the benefits. The site is well planned and gives you exactly what want. Help sections are found easily and FAQs are answered comprehensively. It takes a few glances to understand that the site is reliable.
Whether you are an athlete or a person working in a blue collar job you surely need vitamins for daily growth and maintanence of your invaluable body. So I suggest you look up the site soon for more info on keeping up with your diet, or it would be too late.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Soundtrack

Well, this was supposed to have come a long time earlier- this is one of greatest theme music you would ever see, however, the reason why this comes so late in my blog is because I wanted my 100th post to be a special one.
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly was one of the first Cowboy Western I ever say, and by far its one of the best for sheer stand-out quality. Although the effect would be better if you had watched Sergio Leone's earlier works A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars more, I saw The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is pretty good even otherwise, because in that case you have no expectations. You simply sit back and enjoy the film. As Roger Ebert says- there is no plot, however there are sequences. The gunfight sequence, the nameless man's arrival sequence, introduction of the 3 characters sequence, the War sequence etc. They all add color to the movie.

Anyway, enough of the movie. I'm giving the soundtrack here, so let me tell you something about it. It used three different instruments and the same tune for the 3 characters. The main theme, resembling the howling of a coyote, is a two-note melody that is a frequent motif, and is used for the three main characters, with a different instrument used for each one: flute for Blondie, ocarina for Angel Eyes and human voices for Tuco. Ennio Morricone's fans would know that whistling and yodeling are staple diet in his compositions, and here too they can expect the same.

The Soundtrack actually enhances the effect manifold for the characters, and gives them a legendary feel- Blondie riding into the sunset in the climax, with the super cool music behind him,I've never known a better finish to a film. Just the shot and the background music would make you want to go through all the film makes you to.

The song in itself is reflective of the theme of the movie as well. It starts to peak, and get quite passionate at times, and just when it gets quite heady, it goes back to the light-hearted tone, indicating that after all, this is just for fun. Even the movie is the same- all the killing, fighting, death, sentiments- its a medley, but finally, it all ends light-heartedly leaving you with smile on your face, so that you come out of the movie hall just the way you entered- no tears, nothing to rake your head about.

Here's the song

Free Download Ennio Morricone The Good The Bad and The Ugly Sountrack ( Theme Music ) Clint Eastwood Lee Van Cleef rapidshare megaupload Ziddu

Size: 6.2 MB

Friday, March 14, 2008

Online Casino Reviews

Online casinos are dime a dozen now. Anybody with knowledge of a pragramming language, and a decent connection can set up an online casino with a software created by "themselves". And its pretty easy to transfer the money, with paypal and all.
But, for the user, to pick a casino from the ocean available online is a humoungously difficult task.
Enter, a site that provides reviews of numerous online casino sites on the web. Ratings are given by users as well as critics are based on a variety of factors like security, certificate, fair play,customer support, deposit options, payout speed etc.
They have a review of the software used in the site as well, sorting the software based on Games selections, special effects, and speed of response.
And they have various categories of classification so you can easily pick the casino you want in a trice. Like for example they have the page to sort casinos by the bonuses they provide. And here's a review of the best online casino according to them.
Its a brilliant idea to sort casinos like this to prevent wayward travellers from getting lost. So whenever you want to gamble online, don't forget to pay a visit to this site. It'll be worth your time to look up the best casino, because they say "When you want to play, play with the best".

Greatest Love Songs: Dole Dole (Telugu)

Not many songs deserve a review from me, and only a few deserve a detailed explanation. But this song is so good, that it deserves a blow by blow account from me. So here it is, enjoy reading about it after listening to the song.
Dole Dole from the Telugu movie "Pokiri" sung by Ranjith and Suchitra

The "Nam Dam Thara Thiri Thada" repeated about 4 times (the echo effect) with which it starts give you the feel of being transported to a new world, to a dream perhaps. Then the vocals start off in the best way they could have- the beats gradually pickin' up speed and reaching a stable state- the state in which most part of the song stays.

From thereon it sounds as if an apsara from Heaven is singing (and the song is full of her overtures). Suchitra's voice (enhanced with more echo and other such fine tuning) combined with the lyrics- seem to be feeding you wine- no something even more intoxicating than that- heavenly nectar!

"Some voices are a whine,
And some sing like a swine,
But the sweetest purest voice is wine"
-Prashanth Krishnan

She stands as living proof of the above poem.

You're taken to dizzy heights when she starts off Zara Jaldi Jaldi and the Vadi Antharanga line complements her voice like the cross to the t.

If her "Omaha Zeeya" made Uyirin Uyire the flier it was, this line makes this song the Melody it is.

The Chalega Chalega cameo (Ranjith is the male lead) is that part of the song that keeps appearing occasionally (and at the right places) to allow you to loosen up your legs after reaching excited states with the preceding lines (Courtesy: Suchitra)- it throws (or rather, brings) you back into reality.
It is instances like these that add color (not that it lacks variety) to the song, else it would seem like an Angel playing her Harp- sweet and enchating, yet sounding the same, some "insane" (forgive me, couldn't find another word!!) people might say.

Then of course it has some beautiful interludes with the violin and guitar (the whole song uses all kinds of instruments to fantastic effect) - readying the launch pad like Dhoni with a good bat-lift (before that huge loft).

Then of course- the usual train like drum beats that was also heard in Suttum Vizhi Sudare, overlapped by a chorus rendering guaranteed to switch off all interaction with surroundings and pull you inside- perhaps you might indulge in nostalgia, or maybe you might be enjoying a trip in the beach with your sweetheart, or might just enjoy the blissful state.
The Veena and Tabla in this place are worthy additions.
The baton is handed over to Main Vocals with a high pitched bouncer (the last words of the chorus- "Hooo").
Then the Siren Suchitra continues her overtures in the 1st verse- nothing need to be specially mentioned here- the rendering speaks for itself, with Sumanth's words "Gnaaaa" adding a feel of pure Carnatic (trust me, pure Carnatic has no place here, but it seems so it does)

The lyrics need special mention here- very rhyming and not at one moment losing the momentum, in fact gaining as Suchi glides on.

The "So you wanna shake it up now" in the end (afore the fast Veena bit) reminds you that this is just another song- not a Deva Gaana.

It seems to take off for a moment, and then it reaches a sort of constancy- and softness- back to nostalgia, the chorus doubly pleasing now, combined with Zwishchenzungs from the men chorus and the oddities in the beats. This is the best part of the song some might say-a finesse guaranteed to please all and sundry.
This is the part solely reserved by the drums- like the Veena and Tabla in the last chorus.
And it starts off with a drum beat that sounds like a following a ball in a squash court- reverberating off each wall.
The "lla lei" is so wonderfully complemented by the "Krr" sounds of the beat.

The whole bit allows you to sip the music, taking your time, allowing you to get used to the impact, and delaying (or should I say extending) the pleasure for some more time.

The 2nd verse is just about the same as the 1st (I understood as little of it as the whole song, but the lyrics again impress- rhyming and keeping tempo. Perhaps I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much had I understood what the words meant)- but the words "Sun Mere Deewana" sound quite different to "Dil Bar Dekhona". Both extremely sensuous and inviting, and leave a great impact.
By now you know the song is nearing its end- so you enjoy the last words more- the Dalari Dayake Yagasi Yagake doesn't disappoint you there.

The grand finale is the unexpected early arrival Zara Jaldi Jaldi- the signature lines of the Siren, overlapping (or rather overstepping) the "So you wanna…" and gives you one final peg of the best Beluga to our ears- it really feels as if Christmas came earlier.
You digest each word with the concentration of a micro-biologist, by now well used to the lyrics, and knowing that these are her last lines (of the song that is!).

The song ends in quick fashion- like a Dhoni cameo ending an Indian run-fest, with the bit "So you wanna…" which never seemed to stick anywhere, allowed to finish the number.

Here's the song(will be put soon today)

Golfers of the world unite- in the net!

My dad holds the game of Golf in high regard. Whenever I wanted to play some (silly atrium) game with my friends, he would stop me and make me study. When I asked him how'll I get my enjoyment, my recreation- he'd say "Study well, and you can always get to play golf with the richest of the world".
Hmmm, I marked that up in my mind. So those who play golf have a status symbol. Indeed, the game of golf, unlike many others, was once exclusively for the recreation of the rich. And you had to be someone important to them, if you were invited for a game of golf. So fraternising with them was tough.
But not anymore, golfers can now socialise on the net. But do they not need something that binds them all in one place, apart from the playing ground?
Enter A Social Network for Golfers where golfers can meet players with similar aspirations, track one's handicap and put up statistics for other players to see, and perhaps gape about, and of course, do general stuff available in social site like blogging, posting in forums, photoshare etc.
And some added features are the ability to check out various golfing courses of the world without actually going there.
The whole site is extremely pleasing to look, and browsing is easy. And they have some cool programs that help you review your game like the Stracka line that helps us to read our putts.
There's lot about golf in here, and while discussing your game with other players, you're sure to develop it fast than by just watching it on TV, or reading guidebooks. This is an opportunity not to be missed if you're a budding golfer.
And whats more, its all for free! Now thats some deal aint it? I know what I'm gonna do- I'm gonna register, because its free, and I would get to meet some high class people, and maybe, maybe get to learn some golf :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Went all in and lost? No Problem! Try Again!

Some of the harsh realities of life is that there is rarely a second chance. So if you took a risk and lost, there's very little chance you can get back on your feet. That's why people want stable decently paying jobs than the high risk jobs that can earn a lot of money in short time.

Anyway, all of us want credit, and lots of it. And if you had lost your job recently, or had to sell your home because you had to move, then your credit is no more, and you had bought a lot of things- including your car in which you move by that credit.

So what do you do to get yourself back on track, to regain the credit. A direct way you can think of is- get a new job. However, if you could have done that you might as well as have saved your first one. No- you've got to think different.
Someone has to trust you to give you money even if your credit is bad- which it is right now. Enter badcreditoffers that offer to your credit cards bad credit. The whole site is wonderful- it provides all the top 10 credit offers that get you bad credit, and compares them. It also gives you a list of opportunities for loans- all kinds-personal, auto, home etc.
Its a totally professional site from the looks of it and it is definetely worth a visit if you're desperate for credit.
So next time you want some urgent credit- there's nowhere else to go but here!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Australia goes all in... and loses!

The end of a long summer and India have never been fresher than ever. Instead of turning up in the airports as injured wrecks (both mentally and physically), they breeze into it like Gazelles ready for a race. Indeed the much touted tough land of Australia had been left whining while the Indians can chuckle.

From the most inauspicious of beginnings- a drubbing in the 1st test at Melbourne, and a heart-wrenching loss at Sydney that was scarred with controversies, they came back 180 degrees at Perth and made the Aussies tentative and hesitant to make moves in the 4th test and rounded off a great series. If not for the umpiring errors in the dreaded 2nd test, India could well have got a 1-1 or even a 2-1 result in their favor.

The Indians were considered tough opponents in tests- what with three consecutive series victories accompanied by Sachin, Sourav and Laxman stiking form, the emergence of Zaheer and RP Singh to form a strong pace attack, along with the evergreen Kumble's spin they always had a good chance to put up a fight.

But everyone knew that come the ODI series, and the Indians were in for a beating. After all, the Aussies had won the World Cup for the 3rd time in a row in the most facile manner just a few months before. And the fact that the T20 World Champions were crushed like peanuts by a Bulldozer at the one off T20 match at Melbourne didn't augur too well for India.

However, the fact that they came back strongly to finally pip Australia, actually beat them comprehensively in the Finals to win the gruelling CB Series was a fairy-tale turnaround.

India had a lot of positives to take from the tour- both from the tests and ODIs but sadly the Aussies were left with nothing but broken pride. In fact, they are now far from vulnerable- they are only as good as the next team (and by that I don't mean England or West Indies).

Lets look at what treasures the teams unearthed after this tour:

Australia: I'll start with Australia first as they have so little to show. Jacques flaws were exposed- he is a good batsman perhaps, but nowhere near Langer. His dream start of consecutive hundreds was cut short by a sobering slap into reality by the Indian bowling attack. Australia understood that replacing someone was going to be a tough job indeed. In fact, Jacques has so many batting errors that he might not actually fit the bill for an opener. He plays the horizontal bat shots well- the cut and the pull. But his sense of driving is not sound, and he definetely doesn't have the cool head of Langer.

With the loss of Gilchrist Australia find themselves having to rush Haddin into the Tests and ODIs which would be quite taxing on him. He wasn't particularly good in the series against India a few months back, and didnt get to play in the CB series. So he is an untested product.
With the loss of Hogg to retirement, and Mcgill to injury Australia find that hole left by Warne is biggest they would need to fill. Its so huge and gaping that you could send an elephant through it. And with indefinite suspension of Tait, Australia's bench strength doesn't look so strong as it seemed in the Sri Lankan tour.
Only Hopes seems a good prospect for the future, along with Johnson who is consistent. Lee is lethal, and perhaps the best bowler right now, but I wouldn't say he could be as deadly as Mcgrath. As for Bracken I cant think of him excelling in tests. His pace variation and cutters and smart bowling can only get him so far.

So suddenly, after all the raving about how the Australian domestic system produces the best players, and that Australian supremacy will last forever unless other nations adopt this domestic structure, we find that their bench strength is most thin!
So much for crying out loud! The heavier (in the head) they are, the harder they fall!

Part 2 follows- India unearthes riches.

Greatest Love Songs Siente Mi Amor: Salma's singing is sexy as well!

Well, it is a fact so indisputable that it could very well be an axiom- anything with a Salma Hayek motif can be termed sexy! Anything! Even the way her phone rings perhaps!
Wow this woman has so many talents, and every one of it oozes feminine sexuality! Amazing! Makes me wonder if an exotic Latina (or Mexican like her) would make the perfect girlfriend.

Introduced in "Desperado" as the sultry Carolina, she reprises her role in the sequel "Once upon a time in Mexico", and sings a passionate love solo to boot an exceptional performance of a perhaps imaginary woman (honestly I don't think you'd find women like the one she prtrays in the film- so incredibly lovable, yet so easy to get, even dumb, and so loyal once she's in love. Perhaps if you were to be the (again imaginary) El Mariarchi Antonio Banderas, you stand a chance!)

Anyway, the song is as good as her performance, in the sense that it delivers what you ask from it- a song exemplifying passionate love Latino style with matching lyrics. For a Latin number(or Spanish number, however you would like to call it) it has the usual suspects- the guitar, soem native drums and pleasing modulations. The interesting addition is the electric guitar, which makes it more suited for the 21st century audience.

The lyrics (Siente Mi Amor means Feel My Love) is as passionate as any love song can get- its about how the married woman finds solace in the love of her life- her husband, and the memories of them being together.

Its a lovely song, and her voice is as sensous as a drinking honey would be tasty.

Here's the song, enjoy!

Free Download Salma Hayek Siente Mi Amor ( amour ) Once upon a time in mexico composed by Robert Rodriguez (director of the movie)
Size: 10.1 MB

Farreys Home Appliances: Great variety with quality

Having had a lot of problems getting all the bits and pieces fixtures for our new home, my dad and I were exhausted. And we noticed we could have done it simply through the net when I came upon this site- Farreys.

One look at the site and you would immediately sense that these guys mean business. The site is professional in all respects, and that itself makes a big impression. First impression is the best impression! :-)

Well, they have almost every home fixture or appliance needed- from ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, bathroom fixtures, fine art lamps, forecast lighting etc. You're just astounded by the vastness of it all that you won't know where to start. So they have a helpful search tool that homes in on the right solution for your application.

And if you still have problems they provide the helpline right on top of the site in big font. The fact that they are straightforward and mean business is once again elucidated in their display of all policies- What happens if I want to make a cancellation? What about shipping costs? Would there be any pricing errors?
Although it is not like a general FAQ section, it is very informative (businessmen, unlike us normal people, don't have all the time in the world to read FAQs. Their worries are about the policies and terms which they read carefully)

The whole site is easy to navigate- with tabs for all categories, and once you are ready to buy, they have the customary shopping cart to help you through with your purchases.
Of course, they have this 30-day return policy as well, and I guess you would want to ask them what that is all about.

Anyway, Farreys is a trusted brand that has been around from 1924, and I would recommend that you turn to them whenever you need fixtures for your home.

National Relocation: All in one

Trying to sell our land to buy a home was perhaps one of the toughest things my dad and I ever did. We didn't want to use agents, and thought with the internet we could easily finish off a good deal. We didn't want it to be steal, but wanted atleast a good deal.
It was tough going- all the real estate sites aren't as friendly as they say it is. Then when we found National Relocation, and were immediately impressed.
The whole professional look of the site was a sight to sore eyes. The color scheme was pleasing, in fact, soothing to say the least. They offer a variety of services and it is put up nicely on the home page. They have everything regarding homes and real estate. From home rentals to movers, from mortgaging help to title insurance they have everything listed for you.

Want to look up Michigan foreclosure listings? They have it right here!
Or are you looking for Detroit real estate? You've got nowhere else to go!
And you want information on East Lansing real estate as well? Stay right here!

It's like "Ask! And thou shall be provided" in this site. Easy search options, along with information on nearby schools and neighborhoods in general, they even have a mortgage calculator so that you don't need to brush up your math to find out how much you'll get.

Real estate transactions were never so easy, and like my dad found out- they could actually be a lot of fun, and get you good earnings as well. Maybe after looking at this site, you might even think of getting into the real estate business yourself and getting yourself listed on this site. I would strongly recommend the site for its user friendly environment as well.
The site is an all-in-one magic box!

Jodhaa Akbar: An Emperor learns to love, and then to rule!

The movie goes at quite a nice pace in the first half. I found myself waiting for what is gonna happen next scene. Each and every character adds color to the film, which already quite colorful, considering the fact that it is the splendor of the Mughal and Rajput Empire being protrayed. Each and every scene is so natural that you would believe you were actually in those times. The shades are not too gawdy, nor too simple. They're just perfect. For sheer eye candy, I wouldn't go far than this movie. Hrithick and Aishwarya as King and Queen of Hindustan is a sight to behold.

I coudln't single out any character as having a special role, apart from the lead pair themselves, who are two pillars of strength, and stamp their dominance on the movie like the Twin Towers do to the Kuala Lampur landscape. Hrithick Roshan as Emperor Akbar the Great is astounding that you start believing that even the real Akbar would have approved from the heavens. He is near perfect sounding like a King whenever he has to (that's something new I've seen in him- his commanding voice is an asset), looks, walks and loves like one. Aishwarya Rai as Jodha is very good, but once or twice, she is too artificial. Otherwise she is perfect as well.

And since when is Hindi cinema gonna learn the art of subtlety? Why is it that for every song sequence someone has to be portrayed as singing the lines? Why cant the lines ever reverbrate in the air for once? I had loved listening to the Azeem O Shan Shahenshah, and was eager to see how it had been picturised, and the first sight that greeted me turned me off.I had expected the song to be singing in the background while Akbar rode majestically on his horse flanked by his army.
Sadly, I had forgotten this was Bollywood.

After all how good is a bollywood film if it didn't have some people singing sentimentally of the hero as their saviour et al. This is exactly what that differentiates a Hollywood movie from Bollywood (Kollywood is an entirely different issue- it is a class in itself, and lets refrain from talking about it here). It is very well understood that the reforms brought about by Akbar are well received by the people. There was no need for a group of people singing in praise of him- in the most sentimental manner (typical of Bollywood), with a beaming Hrithick Roshan sitting in the centre of a dias. For once such a scene could be warranted here, but after having seen countless such sequences in other Bollywood films in the most irrelevant of times, this one is also taken in the same vein.

The story is thin- after all, there's little evidence of an epic love story betwixt Akbar and Jodha (yet they justify the movie by saying history forgot their love, and that they created history in silence. Somehow, you are bound to believe it, after the way Akbar was shown in Mughal-e-Azam as a King who pays more importance to royal matters, than matters of love. Of course- why should the Emperor leave traces about his private affairs?), so the writers had to concoct a lot of scenes to make it screen-worthy. However, they are going far when they seem to say that Jodha was the reason Akbar began to show more concern towards his subjects, something like a fatherly concern than a King's. Ridiculous!

While the idea looks fine for a fictional movie, it is an insult to Akbar's greatness by saying Jodha was the prime reason behind it. Although it is true that Akbar was the first King to rule by love, and not by force- like his illustrious grandfather Babar (Humayun was always too ill to actually rule), it is blasphemous to say that Jodha changed his mindset. Why the movie makers could as well as have said "You people can start calling Jodhabai as Jodha the great and start idolising her instead of Akbar". I know writers have some liberty, but this is pushing it.

The fact that she was one of Akbar's chief queens, and that Akbar's heir Jehangir (The Salim of the Salim-Anarkali romance) was her progeny shows that he loved her deeply, or had utmost respect for Rajputs, and their power, and hence wanted to appease them at all costs. But that is no reason to say that Akbar would listen to every whim and fancy of hers, or that she was the mastermind behind Akbar. Akbar was surrounded by great contemporaries- the likes of Birbal, Man Singh, Todar Mal, Tansen etc. and from constant association with such intelligentsia Akbar became cognisant with the intricacies of ruling a land as diverse as the mighty India. He himself thought of such great ideas like a unified religion Din-e-lahi which was far ahead of its time.

Also, the movie seems to say that Akbar's most important contribution was to remove the tax levied to Hindus as virtue of their religion, and that he was called Akbar the Great after that. Such indifference to matters of history do not go unnoticed, and it's a heinous lie if the producers ever mention that a lot of research had gone into the making. Bah Humbug!The movie is cluttered with so many research flaws. I've never heard of a woman of royal lineage making a public appearence anywhere, let alone in a battlefield. And of course, even if they did ever come to public meetings they always had to wear the purdah to cover their face.
The climactic duel between Akbar and Shareefuddin is so cinematic that children who watch the movie would think Akbar was another fairy tale character like Krish. Its so quintessentially bollywood- with Jodha and Banu (Akbar's sister and Shareefuddin's wife) watching their husbands joust, that it stinks of unrealism (royal women in the battlefield??). Oh for crying out loud! The whole second half rings out loud in the ears with such serious flaws. I've never heard of an assassination attempt at Akbar's life. But I may not know (being an avid reader of history), and the producers may know better :)
The songs bear the mark of a master artist- AR Rahman. Each one is worth a separate post. Azeem O Shan is the inspiring kind of number with powerful drum beats that are part of the welcome party for kings. Its quite versatile too, and never sags. It takes my No.1 slot because its been quite some time since such a power ballad came to the Hindi film industry that has been strewn with love songs. Khwaja is an exotic number, a typical ghazal rendition by AR Rahman himself. The rest of the songs are good as well, and all are melodies.
Verdict: Should be watched once, could be watched more if you like flicks on royal matters, maybe watched many times if you like Hrithick or Aishwarya.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chinese Food in California: Simply Scintillating

Chinese food has always attracted curiosity in everybody. Right from their noodles with chopsticks to the snakes and spiders and insects, it is very exotic and amusing for some.
It actually makes one yearn for it- how tasty will be snake, or how will it be to eat food with just two sticks.

So for all you lovers of Chinese Cuisine, I've got great news. You don't have to go all the way to the Orient to get authentic Chinese food. You've got a restaurant right in your neighborhood where you can hang out with friends and enjoy the exotic hospitality of China right by your doorstep.

Moving over California country you're bound to find the Lakeview Gardens, China Garden at Westlake Village. I don't have any expectations for a Chinese restaurant, just because I believe they surprise and impress you with their hospitality, and good food- here it is orange chicken and shrimp for instance, which are simply delicious.

I would actually dare to say you wont just eat once this Chinese Food in Westlake Village and you would recommend it to your friends and relatives. Who knows it might end up being your favorite hang-out, and maybe you might even get a Chinese girlfriend. :-)

But all that's just speculation. The only truth is- they have good food here, and perhaps thats all you care about. Get your knives and forks ready, (or should I say chopsticks) and enjoy this Chinese extravaganza.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Greatest Love Songs: I want to know what love is

This is one of the many love songs from the band Foreigner, and I believe it is the quintessential power ballad. It rouses your spirits- makes you feel various emotions, most importantly love.

For a power ballad, though, it has very little of instrumental music, just some soft background score, with an interlude here and there.

The lyrics are sung very clearly and concisely, and the song moves at a nice and slow pace- I can already feel my sweetheart in my arms, embracing her in a kiss of pure love, even as I listen to it.

The song's theme is about the heartache of a lover who has faced a lot of failures in matters of love and the like. He sings "In my life... There's been heartache and pain" and that he doesn't know if he can ever face such pain again. But he believes he can't stop now- he has come so far that there's no going back. Finally, he asks the million dollar question- he wants to know what real love is, and he asks the girl to whom he's proposing to show that love.

It is quite emotional, and if you're a lover you can surely feel what the guy feels- some kind of desperation, he just can't live if this girl refuses. Anyway- just listen to the song as any other and you'll enjoy it like a melody. Delve deep into the lyrics, and voila, you have a powerful love song.

Well, here's the song
Foreigner I want to know what love is rapidshare megaupload
Size:4.9 MB

Note: Tinyurl is just a masked version of Rapidshare links. It’s perfectly safe. It will redirect you to the rapidshare link in a moment.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Online Bingo Gaming

Online Bingo has become a phenomenon in the Net, which is due to the fact that the game is simple, involves no great skill and everyone has an equal chance of winning. But with the advent of hordes of sites for this game you're in a quandary-which site is best? Now first of all I must tell you that the site that offers the most winnings per strike is just not the best. Because there's more to online winning than getting the money into your hands.

First, the reliability of the site must be verified- you're going to give your paypal account, and or some other vital details to the site, and it must goto the wrong hands.
Secondly, the ingame Bingo experience ought to be good- how many people play the game with you and how regularly, and the sort of community feeling you get with fellow players-all that counts.
And of course- some intelligent sites offer smart features like auto-dab which autmatically crosses the numbers as they are being called, so that the user doesn't need to keep his/her eyes on the board all the time, or pay the penalty of having missed some number when they took a moment off to attend nature's call.
Anyway, looking at the above said requirements, I found this site a worthy place to pass your time, and look for earning solid cash as well.

The whole site has a refreshing feel to it. The pink background scheme looks pleasing as well as flashy- whichever way you like them. You don't need to install any software to play, but you need to create an account though.You can pay via a variety of options like VISA, Mastercard, Diners Club etc.
It is backed as original by authoritative sites in the US, and you can safely say that it is reliable. Of course, there's always the customary bonus of 100% of what you signed up for.
Bingo games are best accompanied by the other usual suspects like backgammon, Poker etc. and this site offers those as well.
So with so many reasons to go for this site, its time you took the decision, and spent your money usefully-look to earn more here.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Sane voices in a mental asylum

There's been a lot of bad blood between the two teams this season, unlike any other I've seen.
There have been instances of opposing teams not being the best of pals- recent examples being England-Australia, South Africa-Australia, Sri Lanka-Australia etc (noticed a trend didn't you?).

However, there has never been animosity between Australia and India- only respect, or even awe to great performers on either side. Harbhajan was not the obnoxious weed when Hayden toured in 2001, or 2005 (except perhaps when he kept picking his wicket!), and Symonds wasn't even in the fray to be provoked- he hadn't even established himself. (He's a weed who has taken root pretty recently). So there had been no problems for the Aussies with the Indians (of course, they are not absolutely in peace with anyone, but well...). And if at all there had been any, the media knew nothing about it, until this summer.

It has been one of the most controversial of the last decade. Something new springs up at every step. At the drop of the hat you have the media ready to gobble anything new to grossly magnify, prevaricate and "sell" to their eager ardent readers (of gossip).

At this juncture, Hayden's comment was entirely unwarranted. He knew the delicate state between the teams, and was it absolutely necessary to give a comment from the heart? It would have been better, and fitting in fact, had he hit Harbhajan for a few sixes and give vent to his feelings in the pitch.

Whether they do it unwittingly or as part of a strategy to incite and provoke the Indians, we may never know. The problem lies in the fact that the Australians are weeds who are unwilling to change. And the new Indian team, filled with hot blooded youngsters finds it hard to bite their teeth and tolerate such cocky behavior, like their illustrious peers, who kept the action on the field, and within cricketing limits. After all, the Aussies are the ones being beaten! So why should they be the arrogant brats! The whole idea of the Indians is ironical. They must just let the losers whine while the winners shine. Even the level headed Dhoni speaks about teaching the "art of sledging" to Indian youngsters, so that they may give the Aussies a taste of their own medicine.

They mustn't forget one thing-there can be good friendship between the members of these two teams, if they make an effort. Neither a (humbug of a) public apology (Not that anyone is willing to do that), nor will handshaking and hugging in front of the media would help amend relations.
Only shifting the attention wholly to cricket is the need of the hour.

Just look at the way the two great warhorses of either side- Lee and Sachin conduct themselves, and you have a ready made solution for this problem.
Lee had just sent in a life-threating beamer, of course unintended, and immediately apologized, Tendulkar started walking towards the leg side to regain his concentration (he was on 98 at that time); Lee walked further upto him and offered his hand and Tendulkar duly obliged by putting his arms into Lee's. Both were in smiles.

The apology was so truly genuine, and Sachin happy, even bemused at Lee's gesture. In fact, he wouldn't have called Lee "a bully" hadn't he persisted with the apology. Because both of them knew each other. It was a glorious moment. I must say each and every guilty party who watched that- the likes of Sreesanth, Harbhajan, Symonds, Hayden, etc. must have been shamed by the kind of friendship, kind of mutual respect these two have, the kind of friendship they could have only in the dreams of fans like us.

Not only that incident, these two have been far away from all this filth right from the start. In fact, Lee and Sachin are two names to come out of this untarnished, and that's a miracle, considering the way they have performed in this tour.
Both have excelled everybody in their respective departments, played hard competitive cricket, and duly respected the achievements of the opponents.

Whenever Lee sent a bouncer or a good ball that unsettled Tendulkar, he would nod his head acknowledging the good effort. And we all know Lee's felicitation of Sachin after the magnificient hundred in the Test at the same venue- Sydney, by patting Sachin on his helmet.
Why don't the players look at Sachin and Lee and learn from them, or why doesn't the media talk extensively about how such a friendship (the way it clinically dissects every controversial incident to the minutest detail) can stand unfettered by the fire that rages around them?

Fans like me who love Hayden's batting and Symonds all round skills, Bhajji's tweakers, and Sreesanth's fiery bowling can only dream of the day when Sreesanth would put his hands between Symond's.

Such a moment may not arrive at all, but if ever Bhajji and Hayden wanted to know what it is to play good cricket and chill off with your opponents after the game, they needn't look far- Lee and Sachin are having a drink (non-alcoholic perhaps, how would I know?) right beside their brawl.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Memorable Moments of cricket in SSN III

Well, its been quite some time since I last updated this series that one starts to think I make up all these memories and that I haven't had any new ideas as of late. I must say to all these non-believers that these are authentic experiences I have been part of in my colorful life.

Anyway, back to my memories.I have always been a sharp fielder especially in the close in position which I developed in my childhood by playing my cricket in confined spaces. There you needed extremely to be extremely watchful to stop the lusty blows from batsmen standing not more than ten metres from you. You had to look, move and grab all at the span of milliseconds. There was no question of deflecting the ball- you either stopped it completely or not at all, as the ball would still reach the boundary even if you got a hand to it.

And direct hits were a must if you wanted to remove wickets regularly. Come to think of it- what with small grounds (you couldn't call my backyard a ground in the actual sense) capable batsmen with powerful hitting, under-arm bowling, no wicket-keeper dismissal (the wall was the stump) and no lbw rule, the only ways to remove a batsman was to bowl him with a fast ball, a very wily one, a catch- all of which were highly unlikely, or a run out. With short boundaries, runs were fetched in the stand-and-deliver manner more often. And with the pitches being short too, you would say there's little chance of a run-out. However you would find it surprising that quite q few important dismissals were run-outs. A sharp fielder who grabs the ball and returns in the nick of time can effect more dismissals than any wily bowler.

Anyway, I learned the art of direct hits there- I don't miss many even now. However the skills I
couldn't learn fielding in the heat of that arena were- naturally those learned in large expansive
spaces- long distance catches and throws. My fielding in the deep was underdeveloped to say the
I was never a good judge of catches and my limitations were blatantly exposed in one fateful match.

I was standing in deep square leg- my usual fielding position then. The batsman pulled a short ball and the ball sped in my direction, in a beautiful parabolic trajectory and I rushed forward in an attempt to prove myself, only to find, in horror, the ball sailing way over my head. It was a misjudgment like no other! The ball would have been right down my throat if I had only stood my ground in the first place.
The guys shrugged it off as a one-off incident. Little did they, or I knew that more was in the
pipeline! The next ball was similarly short and consequently the shot and trajectory no different.

However, this time I was ready- or so I thought. I stood there rooted to my spot expecting the ball like a girl waiting for her estranged lover, but the ball swerved from its purported path, and fell down out of exhaustion not more than half way before its destination! I realized too late that the ball didn't have enough in it to reach me.
I was repeatedly reprimanded by my team-mates for not reading the ball through the air, and was moved to square cover with a strict warning. I was happy now that I was in my favorite position and felt I had seen the last of my misfortunes for the day.

Sadly, it was not to be! In my position you need to look for catches on both sides by stretching your arms far and wide. Its the exact position Yuvraj used to be and where Rohit Sharma is now.
The next ball (of course, it was not the next ball chronologically- its just the next ball of
importance in my story. Perhaps I must add the prefix "later". In fact, it was the last over of the
innings) was short and wide (again!) and it was duly slashed with a horizontal bat. The intention
was to execute a fiery square cut, however the batsman looked with horror as the ball ballooned,
rather launched itself in the vertical direction, stayed afloat for an eternity, and after a vain
attempt to reach the heavens, it began to descend towards me after its lengthy sojourn.

The fact that I was the only one who could go for the catch made me feel naked, however I reassured myself saying this was my chance for redemption, and such chances don't come easier. I didn't move this time- keeping my eyes on the ball all the time, and rightly so- as the ball didn't move from its laser-straight path. It was bound to end up in my hands. It was as certain as the Sun would set soon that day, and everyday. The ball came down, I clutched it, and... botched the catch!

The ball slipped out of my hands as if it had a mind of its own. I had dropped the mother of all simple catches! I couldn't believe what had just happened. How many ever times I try to look at it I don't know what went wrong. Everything had been perfect- my technique had been flawless.

It was the last incident to cap an already rotten day. I had to end the day apologizing to all and sundry. The catch itself had no bearing in the match- they just took one run and it was the last over of the match. However, I couldn't bear the ignominy of such a deed.

I had determined myself to improve on this very important area of my cricket. How I did and came out with flying colors is what the next episode is about!

A View to a Kill: Electrifying extravaganza

Bond songs have fascinated music lovers from time immemorial. After all, the whole business of establishing an uber-cool franchise and maintaining the hype rests on an electrifying intro number, (besides a lot of things like story screenplay casting etc.) :)

However they have never made a deep impression with the critics, who usually slammed it as as childish or teenage stuff, akin to how Britney's creations was always derided as Bubblegum pop. Although it was true in her case, I wouldn't agree with their view on the former.
Anyway, even good creations like Diamonds are forever, You only live twice, All time high (from Octopussy) never got their due. Perhaps the first song to capture critical attention , even acclaim was "A view to a kill" from the movie of the same name. And no wonder- it was a powerful intro song with a medley of notes from the drums and the electric guitar. Followed by an exciting chase in the snow laden peaks, it was the near-perfect launch for any Bond movie, bettered later only by Golden Eye (so perfect that it was artificial).

The song itself was of a more versatile variety with deep lyrics, electrifying notes that sent surges of energy through your body, and Duran Duran's voice added to the effect. It was the kind of song that wouldn't send you running head over heels to the dancefloor- it aws more of a You-Can-Do-It-Buddy invigorating number.

Till now it remains the only James Bond theme song to have reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and it fared excellently in the US Top Ten and other charts as well.

Its a must-be in your collection; a song you would enjoy listening to on a hard day when you're depressed; its the tonic for your soul- the kind Shakespeare talked about when he said "Music is the food of the soul".
Here's the link, enjoy!
Free James Bond A View To A Kill Duran Duran Rapidshare Megupload Ziddu
Size:4.07 MB

Friday, February 15, 2008

BT Home IT Support

We all face loads of problems with indispensable appliances that we use daily, yet don't know how they work.
So whenever something goes awry, we are grounded. The manual is no help- it only explains the basic functions, and online forums for help take such a long time that you would grow waiting for a reply.
Enter BT Home IT Support. BT is a company that has extensive experience in various IT related fields, and it now offers home IT support for its customers.
The services offered are two-fold. Over the phone support and direct face-to-face support.

The site is well structured and neatly packaged. The services offered are clearly mentioned, and sample problems that they have resolved are also provided (so that you can compare them with your own problems and decide if its worthwhile to use this service).
I found that the problems displayed are those you encounter everyday- printer's not working; Computer crashed; Attack of the Popups etc.

Also- demos of the team working at customers' homes are also provided.
All services offered are only for BT customers, that is you must have a BT line to avail of it.

If you are a heavy user of electronic appliances, and face a lot of problems everyday, this is one service you don't want to deny!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ghost-like white Stag? Bah Humbug!

Recently a ghost like white stag was allegedly found and photographed in the hills of Scotland. A lengthy and highly complicated scientific explanation of the appearence of Stag, (which is reportedly not an Albino) was also provided.

Now there wouldn't be a more blatant way to draw public attention to yourself. Just imagine- you're a naturalist or something, and you're working on some drab project, say researching mating habits of some kind of deer, and your funding is gonna go dry soon- then this is the sort of thing you would try to boost it. The sheer publicity involved would attract far more funding, and even bring you better projects. And of course- you can always keep the location of the discovery secret, with a convenient reason- to prevent poachers. Ha! As if people are going poach the rare species (if at all there is) Even poachers know better than to kill such a thing.

Why they could capture it alive and sell it to some zoo for a fortune! Nah! There's no such deer! This is just a tall tale!

Also- the fact that the person involved in this case is a Lockhart, whose namesake in the world famous Harry Potter books, Gilderoy Lockhart is a person who rose to fame (in the fictional Harry Potter universe) by lying about having killed fascinating and dangerous creatures. Ah! The parallel is so exact that the whole article is amusing

Here's the picture they sent- quite a clear shot for such an elusive creature- as if it had been posing!

Read about the original article published in Yahoo News here.

Ashop Commerce: Sell your Wares online

The Internet has penetrated far, wide and deep, and any company worth its salt would use it to the fullest. One of the surest ways of increasing sales is to publicise and sell a product online. People find it simpler and faster to buy online, and thereby avoid all the hassles associated with going to the malls and dealing with the crowds while they search for what they want.
But care must be taken that all the transactions made through the site are secure, and that the security software used by the site is fool-proof.
Ashop Commerce is an Australian based website for selling products online. It uses an award winning shopping cart software (details on the site) and has links to various ubiquitous brands like Paypal, UPS, Bank of America etc. It offers a 10 day trial as well as a complete demo of how the ecommerce software works. It also provides free registration with other to publicise your products.
Consumers would find this site attractive as well- as the secure transfer system is one of the best on the web.
So what are you waiting for? Miss out on this shopping cart and you would sorely feel about it- whether you are a merchant or a consumer.

Memorable Moments of cricket in SSN II

I've bowled a lot of overs in my time, and successfully too. Now I have a reputation of being a wily leg spinner who can spin the ball both ways, and turn the ball tremendously. But none of them have been more nerve wracking than this one I'm gonna talk about.
I had just been mugged by Sundar for 4 sixes off an over a few matches before- That was my first over after a very long time, and so I had lost my pace and had totally forgotten to control my flight. Without those I was just feeding him slow balls right on the slot for hitting- on leg stump line, at a full length. No wonder I had been mauled!
So this over was a make-or-break over for me. I had to impress my fellows to demand, or even ask for more overs in following matches. I was determined, or maybe desperate.
Saisriram was the batsman. He mocked me by standing to right of the off stump- exposing all three of them with a stance pointing towards square leg. He was reminding me of the way Sundar hit all those sixes, and that I was cannon fodder to him anyday.

The first ball I bowled was even fuller than I had wanted it to be- had Sai been in his normal stance that would've been a full toss outside off. But with this stance he missed it- the ball was faster than he expected.
Everyone cheered, or maybe sneered, at both of us- the crowd didn't know whom to mock and whom to cheer. In their eyes both of us creatures of ridicule (in a funny way of course). The next ball was very full- in fact it was a full toss. It rose high from my hand, floated past Sai's bat that met with air (again) and crashed onto the stumps- sucker punch!
I couldn't believe my good fortune! The crowd went wild, and Sai was looking like a dunce! Sai sheepishly walked off the pitch while Raghavan took his bat.
The interview wasn't over for me yet, but I had got my confidence back- I knew had it in me to perform my exploits against these fellas as I had done with my street and school buddies.
I just breezed past the rest of the over, conceding just two runs, and showing samples of my prodigious spin with a ball outside off stump that beat Raghavan's bat.
There had been no hat-trick, not even a wicket earned with a beauty, but the over silenced all my critics (everyone congratulated me) and had signalled to one and all- I had arrived.
It would take about 2 semesters until I would bowl my best spell- which I did recently, which everyone remarked was unplayable except for the wides, (About that spell later on in this series)
however, this was the over that started it all- acting as the tonic that invigorated me back after a career wrenching drubbing.

Domain Registration

Almost all businesses now need domains. And there are so many nascent industries in the Net that cater only to online services, that domains are at a hard-to-get state, presently- prices are high and you don't get the name of the site you want.
Enter paylessdomains, a domain registration site based in Australia, and all your problems are solved.

The site has everything you need to know about domain registration, and gives genuine suggestions regarding name selection, and the volume of domains to be bought. Furthermore, the site is well structured and the prices are pretty cheap- about 11 Australian Dollars per year, which is about 10 US Dollars at the present time.

Anyway, apart from that it has a variety of domain extensions to sell- .com, org, info, de, au etc. So that does make it a good site, considering the fact that some other sites provide weird domain extensions like tk.

So if ever you thought of reserving some Internet space for you in the IT Highway- come over here- its all you ever needed to buy a domain.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Memorable Moments of cricket in SSN I

The match was in the balance, Shiva who had bowled an excellent previous over had the ball. Sundar's team needed 10 off 12 balls. Prakash was the batsman. Shiva had spent eons setting up the field and started down the run up with utmost confidence, and the crowd (read five members) at his back. I was at square leg watching history in the making. Shiva bowled at a good length, and Prakash danced down the track, swiveled to face me and smacked the ball high up in the air in my direction.

I could only stand watch, with my mouth gaping as the ball sailed over me, over the boundary ropes, and way over the CSE Block roof, and was out of sight. Needless to say- the ball had disappeared over the tall CSE block and landed on its roof.

For moment, nothing happened. All eyes were glued on the CSE roof, as if waiting for the ball to come back all by itself. The next moment, pandemonium ensued. Everybody was running towards Shiva or Prakash, mostly Shiva to beat him up.

I could only watch and laugh knowingly, as I could understand how it would have felt to Shiva, already having been at the receiving end of a Sundar mauling a few matches. That over almost destroyed my career as a spin bowler.

Shiva was at a similar state now. Just the over before, he had been a hero. Now everyone was blaming him for the abandonment of the match- everyone believed the ball had been lost because of his poor bowling.
Prakash stood there, bemused at his own shot, and his power. It was to become his forte soon- power hitting. This was the moment that started it all. It is one of the most enduring moments of cricket in SSN.

Monday, February 11, 2008

India faces test of solidarity

We all know how much we care about what happens at the Indo-Pak border, where our jawans brave torrid conditions of sub-zero temperatures and ridiculously low oxygen to save us from invasion each day, so that we may sleep well in then nights.

And we know very well how much we care about any incident, law ordevelopment of national significance- indeed our circle of concern doesn't extend beyond the immediate boundaries.
But, involuntarily we have been nationally united- in watching TV, especially cricket.

There are millions of fans out there who would see cricket for days together whether India plays against Australia or Bangladesh , or even New South Wales for a warm-up match. If their favorite stars are playing, they would watch the most insignificant match there could be. (When Sachin played for an English University to get match practise after his elbow surgery, there were people who wanted to know the scores of even that match)
This country is cricket crazy- its official and the whole world knows that. There wouldn't many eyebrows raised if Cricket was made the national game- it would be accepted with glee.

The BCCI is raking in cash like a minting machine all because of these frenetic fans. There's absolutely no question whether the IPL would be another watched event- it sure will be. With matches lasting just double the time of your average football game, its the perfect competition for EPL in India.

However, I believe with the influx of the might of FIFA to help popularise EPL in India, and the fact that so many of the present upper middle class hooked on the derogatory madness that is the EPL, the IPL would be muscled out.

Let's face it- IPL is bound to be boring at some point of time. Besides, the Indian fan is a curious entity- he watches any trivial if the Indian stars are part of it. Anybody else if rubbish. And that too- not any Indian would do. Only well identified figues could rein in the fans and keep them glued.
Already there have been a lot of converts- from cricket to football, who would never come back. They think they are a much higher mortals watching a world renowned game, not accepting the fact that it is just another madness.
Earlier the US was targeted by FIFA, but it found impregnable fortresses in NBA, NFL and NHL. The problem (for FIFA) with America is that their culture is rooted with watching the local games. They watch anything "National", but nothing beyond that.
Although the average Indian cricket fan seems to present a similar picture, I wouldn't bet my money on BCCI getting more from the golden goose.
Already the present cricket season (for India, and other countries) that there is an overdose of cricket. The introduction of IPL would further cram the calendar and make the game more complicated (people would find trouble remembering who is in which team and a lot of such things discussed in EPL).
Above all that- with so many T20 matches, the whole meaning of runs would be lost. I know that 80% of Indian fans are Sachin's ardent followers. About 50% of them follow his each and every run, counting them like spanish doubloons they earned. When he retires, along with the many cherished stars, and when his run machine comes to a stop at long last, people wouldn't care much about cricket.
Even I cant think of a time cricket would be enjoyable without him. The average Indian fan would easily convert to football- and that would open vistas for many other sports as well.

The Indians face the ultimate test of solidarity- the US faced it a decade back, and successfully resisted, will the Indians be able to resist the Global attack and keep their viewing localised?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Advanced English Dictionay for S60 platform

I found a lot of english dictionaries for the mobile (no not for typing, but a real dictionary where you can see the meaning etc.), but this one stands heads and shoulders above the competition. Its range of words is vast, and it includes almost all the slang words you can think of.
It has an inbuilt thesaurus (it gives example sentences- there is no specific section for thesaurus.

It is a truly advanced dictionary, and the best for any mobile phone. Every word has the right amount of explanation to help you understand the meaning, and it covers all contexts of the word, with example sentences to elucidate the different meanings.

The trial and full version are part of this file. Just install it into your phone, and then click "register & info" in the main menu and click register.
Then type the following in the respective text boxes and click ok. And voila- you have the full version.
For all those guys studying for GRE and other such examinations, this is a godsend. Just put it onto your cell and you would've no problems learning new words while on the move.

Please type the password with the hyphens ( - dashes)
Format : JAR
Supported phones: Nokia, Sony Ericsson

Advanced English Dictionary on platform Symbian 60 S60 for Nokia Sony Ericsson
Size: 7 MB

Note: Tinyurl is just a masked version of Rapidshare links. Its perfectly safe. It will redirect you to the rapidshare link in a moment.

Saturday, February 9, 2008 : The yardstick for online gambling

There are a multitude of online gambling sites right now, and picking the pearls from this ocean is a tough job. And even if we do home in on a few sites for certain reasons (like maximum bonus), we find they are hopelessly bad in other factors- like payouts (the most important thing of all).
So has rated all the popular online casino sites and provided a host of factors for that. Although the color scheme is too flashy, I have nothing to report against the site structure- it contains all the required help menus, and even sections of help for newbies to the concept of online gambling.
The online casinos are rated for each and every game they feature, and you can check out how each site fares for a specific game.
The home page provides the list of top 20 online casinos and they have about 75 online casinos rated in their database. Both user's and editor's ratings are provided. Online casinos for US citizens as well as others are included.
Clicking on the site name brings up the complete review statistics that reveals all reasons that caused this rating. Factors for rating are divided into three: In-game experience, Trust score (Reliability) and Extras (Other Features). Also software used.
Every little point of each site is meticulously observed and a comprehensive review has been provided.
If ever you wanted to play online gambling, make sure you pay a visit to this site- its the ultimate guide to the best online casinos.