Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hair Grafting and Consultation

We all love our hair- in fact the truth is the hair is what that gives beauty to our face while we whine about our nose, chin and cheeks. If we ever imagined ourselves as bald we would understand this fact- we would look so otherworldly; we would look like aliens from the star trek series.
So what's got to be done if you hair is falling? First of all, its time you understood the seriousness of the problem and found out where's the problem- whether its genetic, or due to aging, or due to other reasons. Then if the trend is not reversible by medicine, you must go in for hair transplant.
Looking up the Net for a nice hair transplant site (I looked up for myself as preventive measure- I'm not losing hair, touchwood) I came across a certain Dr. Shapiro who gave me an amazing piece of information- even your nutritional supplements can cause hair loss! Now how many of us know that?
He does hair transplants at South Florida, and it costs as low $3 for a graft! I must say he's a reliable man from his site, and from the information he provides, you can be sure he's a man who knows what he's doing. The site provides videos of patients who tell us about him, and various other footage about his job. There's also a wonderful FAQ section that answers all your queries as well allaying inherent fears.
Gotten a problem with your hair? Time to meet Dr.Shapiro mate.

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