Friday, March 14, 2008

Golfers of the world unite- in the net!

My dad holds the game of Golf in high regard. Whenever I wanted to play some (silly atrium) game with my friends, he would stop me and make me study. When I asked him how'll I get my enjoyment, my recreation- he'd say "Study well, and you can always get to play golf with the richest of the world".
Hmmm, I marked that up in my mind. So those who play golf have a status symbol. Indeed, the game of golf, unlike many others, was once exclusively for the recreation of the rich. And you had to be someone important to them, if you were invited for a game of golf. So fraternising with them was tough.
But not anymore, golfers can now socialise on the net. But do they not need something that binds them all in one place, apart from the playing ground?
Enter A Social Network for Golfers where golfers can meet players with similar aspirations, track one's handicap and put up statistics for other players to see, and perhaps gape about, and of course, do general stuff available in social site like blogging, posting in forums, photoshare etc.
And some added features are the ability to check out various golfing courses of the world without actually going there.
The whole site is extremely pleasing to look, and browsing is easy. And they have some cool programs that help you review your game like the Stracka line that helps us to read our putts.
There's lot about golf in here, and while discussing your game with other players, you're sure to develop it fast than by just watching it on TV, or reading guidebooks. This is an opportunity not to be missed if you're a budding golfer.
And whats more, its all for free! Now thats some deal aint it? I know what I'm gonna do- I'm gonna register, because its free, and I would get to meet some high class people, and maybe, maybe get to learn some golf :)

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