Thursday, February 28, 2008

A View to a Kill: Electrifying extravaganza

Bond songs have fascinated music lovers from time immemorial. After all, the whole business of establishing an uber-cool franchise and maintaining the hype rests on an electrifying intro number, (besides a lot of things like story screenplay casting etc.) :)

However they have never made a deep impression with the critics, who usually slammed it as as childish or teenage stuff, akin to how Britney's creations was always derided as Bubblegum pop. Although it was true in her case, I wouldn't agree with their view on the former.
Anyway, even good creations like Diamonds are forever, You only live twice, All time high (from Octopussy) never got their due. Perhaps the first song to capture critical attention , even acclaim was "A view to a kill" from the movie of the same name. And no wonder- it was a powerful intro song with a medley of notes from the drums and the electric guitar. Followed by an exciting chase in the snow laden peaks, it was the near-perfect launch for any Bond movie, bettered later only by Golden Eye (so perfect that it was artificial).

The song itself was of a more versatile variety with deep lyrics, electrifying notes that sent surges of energy through your body, and Duran Duran's voice added to the effect. It was the kind of song that wouldn't send you running head over heels to the dancefloor- it aws more of a You-Can-Do-It-Buddy invigorating number.

Till now it remains the only James Bond theme song to have reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and it fared excellently in the US Top Ten and other charts as well.

Its a must-be in your collection; a song you would enjoy listening to on a hard day when you're depressed; its the tonic for your soul- the kind Shakespeare talked about when he said "Music is the food of the soul".
Here's the link, enjoy!
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