Saturday, April 12, 2008

Memorable Moments of Cricket In SSN VI

So far I've been talking about certain clips involving me in the matches we've played. They may or may not have had any influence in the result of the matches- only they gave me satisfaction.
However, this time I bring you the entire action, excitement and emotions of a match in which I had a starring role. Sadly, the match was not the usual bowling match, rather an over-arm

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Clarke and Morals: Extremely Contrasting Entities

I'm not usually into writing gossip, however, this one is about a cricketer whose batting I've liked. And the fact that the whole thing is crazy didn't stop me from publishing this post.
Anyway here's the story.

Michael Clarke has proposed to Lara Bingle with a diamond ring supposedly worth $100,000- an offer the famous swimsuit model just couldn't refuse. From the outset it looked like a wonderful romantic story.

A famous Australian starlet coveted by all and sundry (to say it the Aussie way) is conquered by one of the hottest Australian cricketer of recent times (believe me- Michael "Pup" Clarke's stocks are sky high at the moment- He is tipped to be the next Captain of Australia; his batting career on an upswing; the man who conjured up three wickets to bring a fantastic ending to a highly controversial yet ultimately series deciding Sydney Test against India- Michael Clarke is hot in Australia at the moment)

However, a little probing into the matter and I find its all back to Tinseltown. "All that glitters is not gold, matey" I hear a voice say.
Lara Bingle aint your beautiful, yet not available kind of girl, and Clarke is not the hard, yet good cricketer either.

Lara Bingle has been involved in hordes of controversies, one of which would shame any suitor even though her body looks hot (which she showed nude for all to see when she was just 18. She sued EMAP Australia for publishing those pictures and gaining undue publicity as they had been taken when she wasn't so "famous", or notorious I would say). She had had an affair with Brendan Felona, an Aussie Rules Footballer who marriage broke up when the affair became public. She was also the Face of Australian Tourism until she was removed from it unceremoniously and replaced by Bindi Irwin. She appeared as a bikini clad vixen in Fingal Bay for the famous "So where the bloody hell are you?" commercial for Australian Tourism and the parody of this Ad for 2006-07 Ashes series ad in another bikini, this time on a cricket pitch.

The future Aussie skipper is no saint either. He was been involved in various controversies that clouded the Sydney test, and not surprisingly all of them showed his immorality. How immoral could you get if you wed a girl who has already bedded another woman's husband, and that too publicly. Crazy I say!

So that way, they do make a pair, albeit a pair you wouldn't look up as a divine union, but an unholy one. However, it is not up to us to decide that- its their decision, and that is all that matters I guess. Period.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Ramayana 3392 Reloaded: Simply Scintillating

They put it aptly at the end of Ramayan 3392, after Bharat is crowned King of Aryavarta-that this is "The Beginning". Indeed it was just a beginning to the carnage that ensues in the 2nd part. Its just wild madness at a frenetic pace to use some analogies. Ramayan itself has taken a new avatar in this Reloaded series.

Gone are the colorful hues and the old school comic images; they have now been replaced by more realistic images with dark hues that reflect the difficult times the lead characters face. The drawing style also infuses a frenetic pace into the proceedings and although this was a feature of the previous series, due to the presence of more fights (there are atleast 3 in every issue) and chases extreme care has been taken to make full use of it to keep the reader glued to the books.

The story continues from where it ended in the last series, with the prohetic words "The Beginning" and follows the journey of trio- Rama, Seetha and Lakshman from Mithila. They encounter various dangers, make some friends and hordes of enemies on their way to safety (which they know not where to find). They meet namesakes of characters of the original epic Ramayana, however we find that these namesakes like Sabari, Angad, Khara, Dushan etc. are portrayed in a totally different vein.

It promises to provide us with an exiciting, nail-biting thriller for a climax, and I can't wait to read those issues.

The latest part of the series Ramyana Reloaded 5 is just out in the stands. Get your copy soon.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Tokyo Drift Fast and Furious Teriyaki boys soundtrack

There are a lot of songs in the hip hop genre, but none so fast as this. True to the name of the movie it appears in- its fast and furious. It starts off with a lilting baby piano sound and explodes in a medley of hard drum beats and a shrill female chorus who sing english with an altogether different pronunciation and a heavily loaded asian accent.

It is followed by the rap part, and alternates between the female chorus and the drum beats accompanied by the rap which is in Japanese and English. The song then slows down in the middle for us to catch and very soon picks up its original pace and proceeds to make us play catch up.

The whole song is kind of number listening to which even your grandmother would get onto the stage and dance- its so pacy and energetic. I had the privilege of watching some beautiful girls from my college dancing for this number in a music and skit show. There's no better feeling that watching beautiful girls endowed with some curvaceous figures dance to the tune of this booming number. Don't watch too closely, lest you might end up getting a heart attack.

Anyway- here's the song and the lyrics. Enjoy!

Free Download Tokyo Drift soundtrack The fast and the furious rapdishare megaupload Ziddu
Size: 6.3 MB

Free Download Tokyo Drift soundtrack lyrics The fast and the furious rapdishare megaupload Ziddu (lyrics)

Digxa Shopping Services

I've always wanted to shop with all in depth knowledge about the thing I'm shopping for. However, even though its possible on paper, nobody can ever be sure of a thing's pros and cons unless its a trusted brand.

And even trusted brands may fail sometimes, while new ones spring up. So what we need is some kind of site that keeps updating itself regarding the hot shopping topics searched for. Because customers are always looking to get the latest in every commodity.

Enter Digxa- an online comparison website that helps you compare the prices, features and other such factors of each and every commodity you may require and home in on the product you want.

Its pretty simple, and very useful. Shopping has never been so easy. And the categories are enormous. From computers to cell phones and PDA and other technological advancements to the basic furniture, watches, shoes etc.

So what are you waiting for? Just look up the site and start comparing. Keep yourself updated on changes in the market as well find out the best brand and deal for your product.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Memorable Moments of cricket in SSN VI

Well folks, I had developed a lot of my skills- fielding, bowling etc. However, I hadn't produced a performance that cried out "I have arrived, fear me!". The day wasn't far from the last memorable moment, I soon found out.

It was a day after I had had a gross injustice committed to me. I had been totally snubbed by Sundar, who was the team captain, while he threw the ball to supposed heavyweights like Santhosh and Ramkumar who were unrestrained in their profligacy. The thing that struck me most was the fact that Santhosh had been given the first oved of the innings, and he went for 12 runs. Yet, he was given the over without even a slight hesitation by Sundar.
If I had given away so many runs in my over, even due to my misfortune, I would have shunned for an entire semester, keeping in mind that single over.

The gross injustice of it all fueled my fire that had been raging for quite a long time. It had already been lit ablaze a long time back when silly idiots used to comment about my bowling. What do these people know about cricket or spin bowling to teach me my job, let alone talk about it?

Anyway, I decided it was time to unleash the fire (maybe instincts slogan was inspired from this moment) in me. The next match I got the opportunity.

I was given an over, with strict warning not to give away runs, with a balanced field. The batsmen at the crease were Vijay and Raghavan- no two heavyweights, yet no pushovers. I went around the wicket for the first few deliveries and found that I had remarkeable spin. Pitching on middle or off I spun the ball way outside off stump that it was immediately termed a wide. I tried my best to control my line or spin, by angling it more towards middle or leg stump, or trying to reduce the spin, all to no avail.

Just then, Vijay had a brainwave. He jokingly told me try bowling around the stumps. It was a casual comment, yet I saw the wisdom in it. The immediately changed to around the stumps, to miraculous effects. From that angle, my balls pitched just on or outside leg stump and spun far away from off stump.

Every ball was speared in at the same spot with the accuracy of a sniper or Glenn Mcgrath (whichever side of the globe you are) and every time the ball spun, bounced and evaded all efforts of Raghavan, Vijay, later Sundar and some others' desperate grasp. It seemed they had no idea of where the ball was heading. I had thought (a few matches before) my heydays as a great legspinner ala Warne had ended, and that I had forgotten the deep leg spin.

Not even in my wildest dreams had I imagined that I would recover my pomp so soon, and at this match. Maybe it was the pitch, or perhaps it was the conditions (sunny day), or perhaps it was just my day; whatever it was I took top honours that day as a bowler.

However, we lost the match- due to Vijay's good fortune, who got more than 3 lives, one of which was a dropped catch of mine ().

Upgrade your arsenal for paintball with jerry's paintball guns

Paintball is always a fun game. Right from your childhood, even upto old age, its the kind of game that livens up parties. Come to think of it, its so popular that versions of this game exist in India as well, although they call it an indigenous festival of colors called Holi, during which they wear white dresses and spray different colors on each other.

Of course, we all know that paintball isn't as simple as that. While its pure madness in Holi, in paintball, its more calculated. Its like an army game. You've got to have a good arsenal to beat your opponents. The guns need to have certain characteristics like real ones- accuracy and rate of fire. And of course, if it has some accesory for aiming-its a bonus.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kaushal Sheth: Online Guide to Web hosting

Well folks, I understand everyone of you out there surfing on the net wants to host a site of their own- some of you may use it for your business, some others for targeting online audience to widen your customer base, and even some would want it to show off your presence online.

But it takes quite a lot of your precious time, and some luck in finding a reliable and afforadble web hosting solution. After all, yo don't want your site to crash at some opportune moment, would you?

So the man you have got to reach out for is- Kaushal Sheth whose web hosting guide is a godsend for travellers on this road where danger lurks at every turn.

He has given you a list of top ten web hosting sites, and sufficient reasons to support his statements. And of course you can also get some more info from his techie friends who leave comments in the site.

He values Host Monster, Host Gator, and of course Yahoo Host as his top 3, just for your info.
Next time you want web hosting, you know where to turn people!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mac users worry not! There're games for you too!

Almost every game out there is made for windows, and some for linux. But what about the poor Mac OS? How do Mac users get entertainment? Well, some might say Mac users are usually geeks, who don't need indulge in such time-wasting activities. But whatever you say- there must be some applications for Mac entertainment, just for the sake of it.

Some of the best pasttimes online is playing Poker. After all, we all play Poker with our friends, and so it's not anything new, but playing with real money, at the comfort of your home with no worries as to who has to deal, or calculating the big blind, small blind etc.-now that does amount to something. That's exactly what I found at Mac Poker Online. It has a collection of sites that can support Poker on Mac. The guys have reviewed each site and tell you truthfully as to what to expect there. Sites reviewed include Pacific Poker , Fulltilt Poker etc. The site is also well presented- with links at the right places- all the right links you would look for. The color scheme is pleasing as well- just the kind of colors you wold expect in a casino.
They have some FAQ questions as well-like whether online gambling is legal etc. They also give you detailes about the various Online Casino Bonuses offered in the sites reviewed. These bonuses are extra cash provided, usually when you join, or when you play for some amount of time.
Anyway- they are what they are- bonuses, so don't need to be hard won- they are easily won. You just need to follow the instructions.
So look up the site Mac users- its time you had your share of fun. And there's no better way to pay Poker Online and earn cash, while having fun. Enjoy Folks!

Memorable Moments of Cricket in SSN V

I had last left the story when I had learned to judge deep catches and had taken 3 successfully. Today I continue from the last line of the previous chapter- fickleness of fortunes in the cricket pitch. I have two other instances of catches that came my way that I must mention here.
Though I didn’t catch either of these two, due to totally different reasons, I learned valuable lessons from both.

The first was when I had just been to the pitch to celebrate a wonderful castling by some bowler I can’t remember, and was jogging back to my place. I reached it at a leisurely pace, and turned and saw to my horror the ball flying towards me, and I knew that it was going to fall short of me. And it sure did. But what happened next was what that made the moment more special. The ball fell short and bounced in front of me. In a moment of extremely fast reflexive actions, I threw my hands in an effort to stop its journey, and sure enough it was successful. The ball was heading to the boundary, if not for that effort, and I had saved two runs. The fact that a lot of wickets had fallen already, and that I had tried my best and saved two runs impressed my friends. They understood that the ball had been bowled with me not being ready. Nobody even mentioned my missing of the catch, but I felt guilty. If I had been at my place at the time of delivery, this would have been another catch in my bag, However, I looked at the brighter side of it- if I had been at the place and fluffed it, and then all my good work in the day would have been forgotten. So it was God’s way of saving me from disgrace. So this wasn’t a miss actually- it was not my catch at all.

The last of the catches was a simple one, by my standards then- surprising how high standards can rise in the space of just one day. I was at sweeper cover now (the offside equivalent of square leg), and the wind was blowing from my right to the left. So when the ball was heading to me from a top edged square cut, I did all my known basics right, but forgot that the wind would have its part to play. I had also forgotten to see the ball until the last moment. I judged with an air of presumption that I had assumed after having caught so well till then, and placed my palms at a position where according to me the ball would land. If not for the wind, the ball was heading nowhere else. However, the wind pushed the ball further leftwards and it just grazed my fingertips, as my palms closed and fell to the ground, to my horror. That was one of the many lives Vijay would get, in a match where fortune helped in their victory- extras, especially from an over by Shankar, were the hero here, and good old lady luck for Vijay, whose top edges either dropped short, fell in no man’s land, or (in this case) were dropped. Puli (Senthil Kumar) could not believe I had dropped this. I told him what had happened, and he immediately reprimanded me for forgetting the basics. If I had my eyes on the ball, my palms would have moved towards it in a reflexive action. I felt like having been slapped.
I felt my pride melting away. Indeed- if you don’t follow the basics with hard concentration, you only stand to lose, however good a catcher you are.
That’s about my experiences with deep catching. Next in the series comes my exploits in close-in fielding. Keep tuning.