Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Billa Movie on the net for Free Download

I'm not one to encourage piracy, but sooner or later this is gonna be out on all forums that I had better put it up on my site as well.
Billa 2007 movie is available for download in the following website. But, beware- you must tread carefully. Use the second option for each part. It downloads faster- but it starts a pop-up, just wait for it to start and immediately close the pop-up. Then wade through the process of downloading- you don't need to register. Just type the verification code and voila- you've started downloading the file.
Each part is 82.4 MB. I haven't checked out the quality though- mine is being downloaded even as I type.

Billa Movie Film Free Download Rapidshare Megaupload


Note: Tinyurl is just a masked version of Rapidshare links. Its perfectly safe. It will redirect you to the rapidshare link in a moment. If you still don't believe me- click on the preview link posted below to verify.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hussey in Mastercard Ad

Michael Hussey a.k.a Mr.Cricket, one of the most consistent batsmen of Test cricket today and one of the Brand ambassadors of Mastercard is slated to appear in its latest ad. The ad reads thus (in typical Mastercard fashion)-

Two tickets to the one-dayer $50.
Replica team shirt $65.
Getting sledged by Michael Hussey: priceless.

The ad is in its post production stages, and is due to hit the silver screen soon. I cant wait to see the AD, although it might not be aired in India (who'd watch Mike Hussey sledging while we have Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Yuvraj Singh etc etc.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sewhag in test squad: Master stroke by selectors

Indian selectors are usually considered as next only to their Sri Lankan counterparts- who were recently dubbed by Atapattu as a "bunch of muppets headed by a joker", in their eccentricity, but the latest move of theirs to include Sewhag in the test sqaud touring Australia in 2007-2008 would surely gain immense respect for their fraternity.

The Indian selectors have made some silly decisions from the beginning of Indian Cricket, and the most crazy blunder was the manner in which Ganguly was unceremoniously dropped from the National Squad last year. But, some others may conclude that (on hindsight) it was a good move, considering how tremendously Ganguly has upped the ante to make a fairy-tale comeback which means he has peaked at the most opportune moment, in time for the Aussie series- where the top two test teams of the world- Australia and India clash in a high-voltage series of 4 tests.

Although it would be ridiculous for the selectors to draw any credit for Ganguly's phenomenal growth (and rightly so- they won't), they can be praised for the aggressive stance taken by them ahead of the all important Aussie series.

In selecting Sewhag, they have sent out a message to the Aussies that they shall not be conservative, and that the Indians too have the so-called "ruthless aggression" amongst them. In banking on Sewhag to provide some fireworks in his own demolishing style, they actually send out shockwaves to the Aussie camp.

Not to mention the motivation Sewhag might feel by this move, and thereby he would strive to perform great deeds like he did last time Down Under.
I think the selectors must double up this incusion by selecting him in the playing XI for the 1st test, after seeing how well he is coping upto the conditions in the Warm-Up matches. It could be a gamble- but given Dinesh Karthik's poor form, it wouldn't matter much. In fact, I suggest the selectors judge both players from the Warm-Up matches and pick their squad.
We must forget that Sewhag is as good a fielder as Karthik, a fantastic slip catcher, and a very handy off-spinner well known to break partnerships. He will surely add to the team's strength.

Sewhag had already mentioned to one and all, that it hurts to be out of the team, and this unexpected inclusion, and thereby display of faith would no doubt spur him to perform more responsibly.

The pitches in Australia have pace and bounce aplenty- which batsmen of Sewhag's kind would relish. He is the kind of batsman who likes the ball coming onto his bat. So he shall do well there.
Mcgrath with his accurate line and length, along with his "infinitesimal" movement was a mighty threat for batsmen like Sewhag, with little technical prowess, but right now, without Warne and him- the Aussie bowling attack is not so special as it was a few years back.

But, even without Mcgrath, the Australian Bowling attack looks potent enough to threaten Sewhag with his traditional weaknesses. Brett Lee is bowling accurately now, and with his pace (which is only a bit lower than earlier) he'll be deadly.
But, as I always say- an aggressive approach to the Aussies is the best way to keep them off- and that's the only way Sewhag knows. So it'll be a nice contest- one that would liven up Sewhag's name Down Under for many more years to come. I think Sewhag will come on tops- it's my gut feeling he's a far better batsman than we think he is.

But, if he fails (which I'm sure he will not) he could as well as kiss his Test career goodbye... T20 wouldn't get anyone far, yet it got you a shot at the Aussies, in a transition phase. If you don't cash in now- lightning will never strike twice Sew- T20 and all of cricket will forsake you.
Go on Viru- show 'em! We love you- and we believe you! (so say the selectors- and me as well)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Billa 2007 Music Review: Appalling Misjudgment by Yuvan

It’s finally out- The music for the remake of Billa starring Ajith as the eponymous character. It has been the subject to a lot of hype and hoopla- understandably so, considering its an old Rajini super hit we’re talking about being remade, and to frankly put it- its just not lived up to the expectations.
Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed five songs and the Billa 2007 theme, and amazingly, he has not sung any of them- might be the result of all the criticism he gets regarding his imitating A R Rahman’s style in singing. Anyway his voice wouldn’t have fit well with the macho Billa.

Yuvan has infused his best efforts on Vethalaiya Pottendi and it shows. In fact it is easily the best song of the album. It is a medley of Digital Electronica and it has so many different, infinitesimal, yet distinct sounds that an electronics student could very well do a project on dissecting the various sounds (signals) in the song.
Of course Shankar Mahadevan’s voice is digitally enhanced giving it a cool techno feel. It is a quintessential “Techno Kuthu” (portmanteau of Techno and Dappankuthu- my little invention) song, and it is bound to be the latest party number. Shankar Mahadevan and Yuvan Shankar Raja pull it off again in the “Techno Kuthu” genre. (Remember Saroja Saman Nikalo from Chennai 600028)

If Yuvan had spent atleast half the energy or enthusiasm he has shown for this song, on the Billa score, he would’ve a winner in his hands. As it is, this is going to be the most inconspicuous song of the movie- meant only as a peripheral addition to interface with viewers of a cruder taste (or in non-technical terms, it is an extraneous fitting meant to appease the B and C center audience).
It’s like hitting a century in a dead rubber; and half of the accolades actually go to Shankar Mahadevan. He carries the song like Atlas carries the World- nobody else could’ve sung this number so well. He’s got a voice that has “Let’s Party!” written all over it that you subconsciously unwind as soon as the song begins.

The Billa theme is most disappointing. After having listened to the Theme of Don, expectations were running high for this, but sadly, it scores way below them. Someone’s gotta explain to Yuvan what a Theme song is. The key to any theme song is a short portion (maybe 5-10 seconds long) of the whole song that sounds best, is easily identified by the audience (who hum it all day long), and repeats itself at various points in the movie.

This theme starts off like The Stranger In Black (Anniyan Theme), then traverses various dimensions, transgressing into different directions and finally coming back where it started and you still can’t find music anywhere, let alone a theme music! Trying to be futuristic and techno cool, Yuvan botches up the whole score. Pathetic! I can’t imagine Ajith smashing villains with that music behind him!

The Seval Kodi is a pretty good number; in fact it’s good enough to be an intro song for Vijay (an implied reference to the lack of sophistication in his intro songs) - a typical folk song invoking a God. Enough said!
Naan Meendum is a song that owes its tune to the Billa theme, and I guess it’s the song where the Kamini character seduces Billa. It’s a bouncy track with dark shades, mysterious tunes and complete with philosophical lyrics. Worth listening a couple of times- passes muster, some of you may like it. It is like
“Entha Kuthirayil” from “Satham Podathey”.

The surprise package is the song Sei- it’s a complex, highly versatile Arabic style number (that gives us the feeling of having heard it before) with highly suggestive lyrics and an overdose of the various versions of the Guitar. Neha Basin’s strange Tamil accent is another lovable feature. It’s the kinda song you find is incredibly slow, yet you can’t stop liking it!

The other most talked about remix from the original is the highly popular “My Name Is Billa”- every Rajini fan worth his salt would’ve heard it at least once. I safely say- the original is better anyday. He has retained the same tune of the original, added a few digital novelties and credited a new song to his name! The song has the traits of the typical discotheque number, but still you feel its not moving at all.

It’s pretty disappointing that Yuvan should waste one of his biggest breaks like this, and one wonders why he even took up the offer in the first place. Any composer must create music to gel with the movie.
Stand alone singles might be the craze in the US, but they don’t go well with the Tamil audience. Unless Yuvan can create masterpieces (which we all know he can’t) like “Munbe Vaa” he’d better concentrate on complementing the film. We can see that he has overlooked those regions vital to the movie- Billa Theme, My Name Is Billa (it's the song that establishes the hero), the Kamini dance number etc. Or he has been heinously lazy in composing these.

Final Verdict: Overall Average.

Vethalaiya Pottendi is special. Sei is refreshingly new. Seval Kodi a nice folk song. Naan Mendum is nice and bouncy. My Name is Billa is a confused attempt. The Billa Theme deserves more effort and respect than this.
Well Yuvan, a mélange of digital interludes doesn't a Billa make!