Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ashop Commerce: Sell your Wares online

The Internet has penetrated far, wide and deep, and any company worth its salt would use it to the fullest. One of the surest ways of increasing sales is to publicise and sell a product online. People find it simpler and faster to buy online, and thereby avoid all the hassles associated with going to the malls and dealing with the crowds while they search for what they want.
But care must be taken that all the transactions made through the site are secure, and that the security software used by the site is fool-proof.
Ashop Commerce is an Australian based website for selling products online. It uses an award winning shopping cart software (details on the site) and has links to various ubiquitous brands like Paypal, UPS, Bank of America etc. It offers a 10 day trial as well as a complete demo of how the ecommerce software works. It also provides free registration with other to publicise your products.
Consumers would find this site attractive as well- as the secure transfer system is one of the best on the web.
So what are you waiting for? Miss out on this shopping cart and you would sorely feel about it- whether you are a merchant or a consumer.

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