Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kaushal Sheth: Online Guide to Web hosting

Well folks, I understand everyone of you out there surfing on the net wants to host a site of their own- some of you may use it for your business, some others for targeting online audience to widen your customer base, and even some would want it to show off your presence online.

But it takes quite a lot of your precious time, and some luck in finding a reliable and afforadble web hosting solution. After all, yo don't want your site to crash at some opportune moment, would you?

So the man you have got to reach out for is- Kaushal Sheth whose web hosting guide is a godsend for travellers on this road where danger lurks at every turn.

He has given you a list of top ten web hosting sites, and sufficient reasons to support his statements. And of course you can also get some more info from his techie friends who leave comments in the site.

He values Host Monster, Host Gator, and of course Yahoo Host as his top 3, just for your info.
Next time you want web hosting, you know where to turn people!

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