Monday, March 10, 2008

Greatest Love Songs: I want to know what love is

This is one of the many love songs from the band Foreigner, and I believe it is the quintessential power ballad. It rouses your spirits- makes you feel various emotions, most importantly love.

For a power ballad, though, it has very little of instrumental music, just some soft background score, with an interlude here and there.

The lyrics are sung very clearly and concisely, and the song moves at a nice and slow pace- I can already feel my sweetheart in my arms, embracing her in a kiss of pure love, even as I listen to it.

The song's theme is about the heartache of a lover who has faced a lot of failures in matters of love and the like. He sings "In my life... There's been heartache and pain" and that he doesn't know if he can ever face such pain again. But he believes he can't stop now- he has come so far that there's no going back. Finally, he asks the million dollar question- he wants to know what real love is, and he asks the girl to whom he's proposing to show that love.

It is quite emotional, and if you're a lover you can surely feel what the guy feels- some kind of desperation, he just can't live if this girl refuses. Anyway- just listen to the song as any other and you'll enjoy it like a melody. Delve deep into the lyrics, and voila, you have a powerful love song.

Well, here's the song
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