Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Greatest Love Songs Siente Mi Amor: Salma's singing is sexy as well!

Well, it is a fact so indisputable that it could very well be an axiom- anything with a Salma Hayek motif can be termed sexy! Anything! Even the way her phone rings perhaps!
Wow this woman has so many talents, and every one of it oozes feminine sexuality! Amazing! Makes me wonder if an exotic Latina (or Mexican like her) would make the perfect girlfriend.

Introduced in "Desperado" as the sultry Carolina, she reprises her role in the sequel "Once upon a time in Mexico", and sings a passionate love solo to boot an exceptional performance of a perhaps imaginary woman (honestly I don't think you'd find women like the one she prtrays in the film- so incredibly lovable, yet so easy to get, even dumb, and so loyal once she's in love. Perhaps if you were to be the (again imaginary) El Mariarchi Antonio Banderas, you stand a chance!)

Anyway, the song is as good as her performance, in the sense that it delivers what you ask from it- a song exemplifying passionate love Latino style with matching lyrics. For a Latin number(or Spanish number, however you would like to call it) it has the usual suspects- the guitar, soem native drums and pleasing modulations. The interesting addition is the electric guitar, which makes it more suited for the 21st century audience.

The lyrics (Siente Mi Amor means Feel My Love) is as passionate as any love song can get- its about how the married woman finds solace in the love of her life- her husband, and the memories of them being together.

Its a lovely song, and her voice is as sensous as a drinking honey would be tasty.

Here's the song, enjoy!

Free Download Salma Hayek Siente Mi Amor ( amour ) Once upon a time in mexico composed by Robert Rodriguez (director of the movie)
Size: 10.1 MB

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