Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Soundtrack

Well, this was supposed to have come a long time earlier- this is one of greatest theme music you would ever see, however, the reason why this comes so late in my blog is because I wanted my 100th post to be a special one.
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly was one of the first Cowboy Western I ever say, and by far its one of the best for sheer stand-out quality. Although the effect would be better if you had watched Sergio Leone's earlier works A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars more, I saw The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is pretty good even otherwise, because in that case you have no expectations. You simply sit back and enjoy the film. As Roger Ebert says- there is no plot, however there are sequences. The gunfight sequence, the nameless man's arrival sequence, introduction of the 3 characters sequence, the War sequence etc. They all add color to the movie.

Anyway, enough of the movie. I'm giving the soundtrack here, so let me tell you something about it. It used three different instruments and the same tune for the 3 characters. The main theme, resembling the howling of a coyote, is a two-note melody that is a frequent motif, and is used for the three main characters, with a different instrument used for each one: flute for Blondie, ocarina for Angel Eyes and human voices for Tuco. Ennio Morricone's fans would know that whistling and yodeling are staple diet in his compositions, and here too they can expect the same.

The Soundtrack actually enhances the effect manifold for the characters, and gives them a legendary feel- Blondie riding into the sunset in the climax, with the super cool music behind him,I've never known a better finish to a film. Just the shot and the background music would make you want to go through all the film makes you to.

The song in itself is reflective of the theme of the movie as well. It starts to peak, and get quite passionate at times, and just when it gets quite heady, it goes back to the light-hearted tone, indicating that after all, this is just for fun. Even the movie is the same- all the killing, fighting, death, sentiments- its a medley, but finally, it all ends light-heartedly leaving you with smile on your face, so that you come out of the movie hall just the way you entered- no tears, nothing to rake your head about.

Here's the song

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