Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Fistful of dollars sountrack

The movie wasn't a sensation, and so wasn't the soundtrack at any rate. Even the movie achieved prominence only after a decade or so, and the soundtrack became famous only because it reminded people of the movie and not because it had anything special. But, it signalled the start of a legacy and because of that this soundtrack is an artifact.
The soundtrack isn't bad either. Its got the usual Ennio Morricone elements (interestingly he was credited as Dan Savio in the film's credits), the whistling and yodeling along with the latin guitar. It's quite an enjoyable tune- the kind of tune that stays in your mind long after you've heard it; the kind of tune you keep humming while on the move.
Its worth it for you to download it and find out how this track sounds, coz I aint gonna describe this.

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