Friday, March 28, 2008

Tokyo Drift Fast and Furious Teriyaki boys soundtrack

There are a lot of songs in the hip hop genre, but none so fast as this. True to the name of the movie it appears in- its fast and furious. It starts off with a lilting baby piano sound and explodes in a medley of hard drum beats and a shrill female chorus who sing english with an altogether different pronunciation and a heavily loaded asian accent.

It is followed by the rap part, and alternates between the female chorus and the drum beats accompanied by the rap which is in Japanese and English. The song then slows down in the middle for us to catch and very soon picks up its original pace and proceeds to make us play catch up.

The whole song is kind of number listening to which even your grandmother would get onto the stage and dance- its so pacy and energetic. I had the privilege of watching some beautiful girls from my college dancing for this number in a music and skit show. There's no better feeling that watching beautiful girls endowed with some curvaceous figures dance to the tune of this booming number. Don't watch too closely, lest you might end up getting a heart attack.

Anyway- here's the song and the lyrics. Enjoy!

Free Download Tokyo Drift soundtrack The fast and the furious rapdishare megaupload Ziddu
Size: 6.3 MB

Free Download Tokyo Drift soundtrack lyrics The fast and the furious rapdishare megaupload Ziddu (lyrics)

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