Monday, March 31, 2008

Ramayana 3392 Reloaded: Simply Scintillating

They put it aptly at the end of Ramayan 3392, after Bharat is crowned King of Aryavarta-that this is "The Beginning". Indeed it was just a beginning to the carnage that ensues in the 2nd part. Its just wild madness at a frenetic pace to use some analogies. Ramayan itself has taken a new avatar in this Reloaded series.

Gone are the colorful hues and the old school comic images; they have now been replaced by more realistic images with dark hues that reflect the difficult times the lead characters face. The drawing style also infuses a frenetic pace into the proceedings and although this was a feature of the previous series, due to the presence of more fights (there are atleast 3 in every issue) and chases extreme care has been taken to make full use of it to keep the reader glued to the books.

The story continues from where it ended in the last series, with the prohetic words "The Beginning" and follows the journey of trio- Rama, Seetha and Lakshman from Mithila. They encounter various dangers, make some friends and hordes of enemies on their way to safety (which they know not where to find). They meet namesakes of characters of the original epic Ramayana, however we find that these namesakes like Sabari, Angad, Khara, Dushan etc. are portrayed in a totally different vein.

It promises to provide us with an exiciting, nail-biting thriller for a climax, and I can't wait to read those issues.

The latest part of the series Ramyana Reloaded 5 is just out in the stands. Get your copy soon.

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