Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Domain Registration

Almost all businesses now need domains. And there are so many nascent industries in the Net that cater only to online services, that domains are at a hard-to-get state, presently- prices are high and you don't get the name of the site you want.
Enter paylessdomains, a domain registration site based in Australia, and all your problems are solved.

The site has everything you need to know about domain registration, and gives genuine suggestions regarding name selection, and the volume of domains to be bought. Furthermore, the site is well structured and the prices are pretty cheap- about 11 Australian Dollars per year, which is about 10 US Dollars at the present time.

Anyway, apart from that it has a variety of domain extensions to sell- .com, org, info, de, au etc. So that does make it a good site, considering the fact that some other sites provide weird domain extensions like tk.

So if ever you thought of reserving some Internet space for you in the IT Highway- come over here- its all you ever needed to buy a domain.

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