Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Farreys Home Appliances: Great variety with quality

Having had a lot of problems getting all the bits and pieces fixtures for our new home, my dad and I were exhausted. And we noticed we could have done it simply through the net when I came upon this site- Farreys.

One look at the site and you would immediately sense that these guys mean business. The site is professional in all respects, and that itself makes a big impression. First impression is the best impression! :-)

Well, they have almost every home fixture or appliance needed- from ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, bathroom fixtures, fine art lamps, forecast lighting etc. You're just astounded by the vastness of it all that you won't know where to start. So they have a helpful search tool that homes in on the right solution for your application.

And if you still have problems they provide the helpline right on top of the site in big font. The fact that they are straightforward and mean business is once again elucidated in their display of all policies- What happens if I want to make a cancellation? What about shipping costs? Would there be any pricing errors?
Although it is not like a general FAQ section, it is very informative (businessmen, unlike us normal people, don't have all the time in the world to read FAQs. Their worries are about the policies and terms which they read carefully)

The whole site is easy to navigate- with tabs for all categories, and once you are ready to buy, they have the customary shopping cart to help you through with your purchases.
Of course, they have this 30-day return policy as well, and I guess you would want to ask them what that is all about.

Anyway, Farreys is a trusted brand that has been around from 1924, and I would recommend that you turn to them whenever you need fixtures for your home.

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