Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chinese Food in California: Simply Scintillating

Chinese food has always attracted curiosity in everybody. Right from their noodles with chopsticks to the snakes and spiders and insects, it is very exotic and amusing for some.
It actually makes one yearn for it- how tasty will be snake, or how will it be to eat food with just two sticks.

So for all you lovers of Chinese Cuisine, I've got great news. You don't have to go all the way to the Orient to get authentic Chinese food. You've got a restaurant right in your neighborhood where you can hang out with friends and enjoy the exotic hospitality of China right by your doorstep.

Moving over California country you're bound to find the Lakeview Gardens, China Garden at Westlake Village. I don't have any expectations for a Chinese restaurant, just because I believe they surprise and impress you with their hospitality, and good food- here it is orange chicken and shrimp for instance, which are simply delicious.

I would actually dare to say you wont just eat once this Chinese Food in Westlake Village and you would recommend it to your friends and relatives. Who knows it might end up being your favorite hang-out, and maybe you might even get a Chinese girlfriend. :-)

But all that's just speculation. The only truth is- they have good food here, and perhaps thats all you care about. Get your knives and forks ready, (or should I say chopsticks) and enjoy this Chinese extravaganza.

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