Saturday, February 9, 2008

BT Wireless Broadand service: We aim to please!

BT offers a variety of services and its internet wing- bt broadband uk offers Broadband all over Britain, and when I saw the site for the first time, I was deeply impressed. The site is neatly structured with a pleasing color scheme and query/help sections at precisely where people would look for. They offer three options ranging from 5 GB downloads to Unlimited- at the same speed, which is about 8Mbps at the maximum.
Another attractive feature is the free hub (for wireless) they provide for each connection, whatever scheme you choose.
Option are priced from 8.95 pounds a month to upto 18.99 pounds. Of course, depending on the period of suscription, the prices vary after the first 3 months.
Another good thing I noticed was that they charge you for exceeding download/upload limits (mentioned above) only if you do so for two consecutive months. The charges are 30 pence per 1 GB of bandwidth exceeded. That's reasonable, I guess.
Everything is totally explained in the site, and there are no hidden charges. Just take care to go through everything they have to say.
So if you're looking for a broadband connection this is one site I'd recommend you to visit first up. And if you are impressed (like me), then you'd better be fast- because ordering connections online is available only till February 29th.

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