Friday, February 1, 2008

Call of Juarez mission walkthrough guide

Well, Call of Juarez is the game of year, in my opinion- for concept and gameplay, as well as sound effects and graphics. Even casting has been meticulously planned and executed accurately, that the effect on the screen is breathtaking.
But, there's still one snag- there's simply no possible way to progress, at some points of the game- which I call dead ends. Of course, this aint a bug, only it means that the game is tough enough to make us rip our brains out. There are some dedicated gamers who would take up such challenges, for fun, and grill themselves to the end to progress.
But for us lesser mortals, we need people to guide us through such non-existent continuations. And Call of Juarez (CoJ) also contains innumerable secrets, and different ways to progress. Here's a perfect site to learn about all the above.
It contains a walkthrough guide- a step by step procedure of what needs to be done to complete the game- not just a short description, but a complete "walkthrough". The walkthrough guide contains even a search tool that helps you to wade through the murky pond, which is CoJ's gameplay.
It also contains files to unlock all secrets, as well more levels. Furthermore, there are various working cheatcodes and innumerable other features. As a fan of Call of Juarez and as a person who has heavily benefitted from this walkthrough guide written by a most a exalted soul who goes by the name of Grawl in the site, I would suggest you to try all means possible to get through the game yourself, and read this guide later on to look for any tricks you missed. If else, you'd better use the guide to save your day!

Find the Call of Juarez Walkthrough Guide at this site:

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