Saturday, February 9, 2008

The story of my photos with truth III

Self potraits are some of the most difficult to take- because you cant look through the lens while posing for the camera- its all a matter of chance, you think.
But not so- it needs some practise, and some trials that produce errors, but once you get the feel of it, you'll be clicking away all day at your face in different poses.
Although any digital camera would serve this prupose, the best way to do this is using the cell camera as it can be held without any shakes with just one hand, while you put on a smile for the camera.
Beware- you are supposed to take relaxed picture of your face- not contortions of it while you concentrate hard on taking the picture- so just keep calm, soon you'll get into the groove.
It would take atleast 3 to 8 takes to get an idea of the right distance from your face as well as the angle for a cool shot.
Also take into account the power of your flash- if the mobile phone camera is too close it would expose your face to extreme light that would distort your natural complexion as well add some unwanted effects like red eye. And although red eye can be removed using Photoshop, some other effects are permanent, and computer modifications of this image makes it too artificial- you wouldn't recognise yourself.
Here're some pics I took using the mobile camera:

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