Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tendulkar gets out hit wicket: Early blow for India

For the first time in his ODI career spanning over 400 matches, Sachin Tendulkar got out hit wicket, while negotiating a good length ball from Brett Lee. Tendulkar was moving across the stumps to play it square off leg, but trodded onto his stumps in the process.
It must be mentioned that Lee had been troubling the Indian openers with short pitched deliveries, and it may have been the reason for Sachin standing so far behind in his crease that caused his eventual downfall.
The Indian team for tonight's match is packed with inexperienced youngsters and it remains to be seen how costly this early unfortunate blow would be for India.
Gambhir and Sharma forged a 65 run partnership that was exciting for their boundaries as well as the dropped chances by Australia, but it was broken by Johnson with a well directed inswinger to remove Gambhir, and Sharma fell to Lee soon after.
Dhoni has the unenviable job of teaming with more rookies to lead India to a respectable total and prevent another embarassing loss like what happened in the T20 game on Friday.

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