Friday, February 1, 2008

Smorty: For the sensible blogger

I must say I've found the perfect machine for doling out cash for me-
The rule of the marketing world is simple- you need customers (the demand), and to sustain them you need good service (the supply), and marketing is the mantra that connects the factory to the consumer.Now, Smorty is such a smart marketing tool that helps advertisers home in on
Bloggers to review their products- websites in this case. It's a blog advertising site, where you get paid to drink honey; where you get paid to do what's fun for you; where you get paid to blog.

Bloggers are merely required to post their opinions of the advertisers' products and websites on their blogs, along with links back to the advertisers URL.
Unlike other sites that offer similar services, this blog for money website approves in the space of 72 hours at the maximum, and on most occasions on a single day! And you can start posting immediately after you are approved- no need for bidding and waiting for days!Advertisers and Bloggers are gonna love this alike!So whether you need to advertise on blogs or want to get paid for blogging, there's nowhere else to go but

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