Friday, February 1, 2008

Sidekick turns Superhero: Captain America Returns!

Well, finally it was not a death-defying ridiculous escape (Sherlock Holmes in the "Return of Sherlock Holmes") or a convenient resurrection by Eru (a la Gandalf in "Lord of the Rings : Twin Towers") that has hastened Captain America, the most celebrated hero of the Yankees (no offense fellas), but merely because America needs him. But, surely even he cannot come back from the dead- he is dead and dusted just like Dumbledore in Harry Potter : The Half Blood Prince, or can he?
The answer is Yes and No! Yes because Steve Rogers is but mortal and is surely not going to return from the grave, and No because Captain America is but an idea; and as Alan Moore would say- "An idea never dies", Captain America knows no death.

So he does return, with Bucky Barnes (Steve Rogers faithful side-kick) donning the robes of America's most cherished superhero.

Whether it's Bucky Barnes or Steve Rogers, Captain America is sure to dazzle the comics fans once again, and with a movie on the character slated for release next year, it is going to cause an unprecedented resurgence of Patriotism in the US, which is sorely divided by the unending War in Iraq, and the recent elections.

Captain America returns in the latest Marvel Comics Captain America#34. Check it out fellas and dames. Meanwhile, here's how the new Captain America Bucky looks:

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