Thursday, February 7, 2008

Looks that could kill: Dare to stare?

Well folks, we have all seen a lot of grotesque things in our lifetime- mostly in horror movies like 13 Ghosts etc, or gory flicks like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But I daresay you have never seen something as gross and ugly as these animals here.

Behold! The Ugliest creature Mother Nature ever created!

Look at this fella- they say it is a delicacy in Japan, Europe and the US. Gosh the only thought that comes to me when I look at ugly thing is kill it with an exceptionally large knife and throw it into the fire. Looking at those teeth and its entrails actually makes me want to puke. Gross!

Now I don't need to tell you what this is- yes it is a bug, and if any of you want to wiki it (are you serious!)- it is called the Dobsonfly. It just won the first prize in the Ugly Bug contest (Nope I'm not kidding, and I'm sure you'd agree with the award).
Actually you may not ever be able to see this "beautiful" face in real life- unless you have a highly powerful microscope. Because this is an image of the fly magnified about 500 times.
That is if the bug were to become as big as your keyboard, then this is the view you would get, although I must warn you- it might be the last thing you see in this world :)

This is the Muscovy Duck. I know- it does look like its top skin was removed to reveal the inner flesh. It actually looks even more gross- as if its face was burnt, and that the skin would never grow. It even looks like a portion of our brain planted on its face (yuck!). Anyway- whatever it is, it is surely not "that" feature that attracts a mate.

What is your first impression of this creature? If you did think it is some alien species, you could be easily forgiven- it does look like some creepy alien from some far off planet. But sadly (no I didn't mean it)- it is a common Russian wheat aphid, and although it is not an alien, it cuses so much trouble to the people on earth, especially to wheat, no less than an alien bent on destroying life on earth would do.

Now this is what I would call pitifully ugly. The only thought that would come to anybody's mind when you look at this Warthog is deep sympathy for its ugly appearence.
Its caved-in eyes, the unusual ears, two extended canine teeth, and a rather wrongly painted face that contains this all- sorry about your fate fella.
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