Thursday, February 7, 2008

Get advance cash and loans instantly! is a review site that provides ratings of various sites that offer you loans or a cash advance. There are even sites that can help you earn more in your free hours, while you are sitting idle online.
The site makes no bones about what it provides, and it does a good job of it.
The home page shows the top 5 sites reviewed. Even users are invited for reviews, although I'm not sure if every user's review is displayed.
The sites reviewed are on similar lines, but offer different services- some offer advance cash, some offer easy solutions for payday loans while some make these tranfers completely confidential, just in case you don't want your spouse to know you borrowed some money.

Some others let you spend your time online earning cash, rather than chatting mindlessly. Every enterpreneur out there knows that the payday loan is the norm in every growing industry- you don't always have readymade cash with you, as you yourself would be waiting to cash the post-dated cheques of customers. This is a good to visit and solve those problems.

The only glitch I noticed is they don't give a contact email ID. But as it is just a review site, you better direct all your queries to the site being reviewed, and not to this.
A pretty good site to look up, if ever you want to borrow cash quickly.

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