Saturday, February 9, 2008 : The yardstick for online gambling

There are a multitude of online gambling sites right now, and picking the pearls from this ocean is a tough job. And even if we do home in on a few sites for certain reasons (like maximum bonus), we find they are hopelessly bad in other factors- like payouts (the most important thing of all).
So has rated all the popular online casino sites and provided a host of factors for that. Although the color scheme is too flashy, I have nothing to report against the site structure- it contains all the required help menus, and even sections of help for newbies to the concept of online gambling.
The online casinos are rated for each and every game they feature, and you can check out how each site fares for a specific game.
The home page provides the list of top 20 online casinos and they have about 75 online casinos rated in their database. Both user's and editor's ratings are provided. Online casinos for US citizens as well as others are included.
Clicking on the site name brings up the complete review statistics that reveals all reasons that caused this rating. Factors for rating are divided into three: In-game experience, Trust score (Reliability) and Extras (Other Features). Also software used.
Every little point of each site is meticulously observed and a comprehensive review has been provided.
If ever you wanted to play online gambling, make sure you pay a visit to this site- its the ultimate guide to the best online casinos.

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