Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tu Tienes Lo Que Quiero

It’s a nice bouncy Latin number by the Latin American Mexican Rock Band Mana, which has been around for quite a while in the circuit- almost three decades. Surprising how I didn’t get to hear their songs until now. A friend of mine who is a voracious devourer of Western songs tells me he hasn’t even heard of the name!
Anyway- they’re quite a famous group with three Grammys and five Latin Grammys under their belt. They’re still going strong, although team members have come and gone.

I’ve heard only two songs of their vast Discography, and I feel Tu Tienes Lo Que Quiero (puzzled as to how to pronounce it?- listen to the song, I’m damn sure you wouldn’t have guessed it.) is enough to keep you hooked to this band. I don’t understand the lyrics- the metaphor “Its all Latin to me” is literal here- it’s truly Spanish and Latin I guess. But anyway it has all the regular fare you expect in a Latin number of its kind- some bouncy beats, along with a general dose of the Guitar.
A refreshing addition is the usual drums combined with the African drum Kpanlogo and some other traditional instruments as well, and so it has a tropical flavor as well. (No wonder really- becoz Mana has been termed as a band with versatile music ranging from hard rock, Latin pop, Calypso and reggae) The drum beats are so perfectly placed that you never want to take your ears off the song- it flows like a river smoothly.

It follows a nice pattern- the kind we are used to in India- The initial few lines that identify the song (Pallavi), some more lines to build up the crescendo (AnuPallavi) and some nice Verses (Saranam), of course interjected with some really cool music.

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