Thursday, November 15, 2007

Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me) : Achtung Baby!

This is one of my favorites from Samantha Fox, although I love her Touch Me more.

It starts with a challenge- with Samantha crooning “Are you strong enough? Gimme what I want!” It sets the tone of the song- only the strong and fast can keep pace with it. The first few moments is the only peace you’ll get in the song- the rest of it hurtles ahead like a runaway train leaving you gasping and panting by the time you reach the first crescendo. The electric guitar blares in the background and the chorus blazes your ears, yet for all its high decibel levels- its more pleasure than pain.
Of course, there is a lull in the middle, but that’s just the calm before the storm, giving you time to take a few breaths-for the last minute is pure mayhem. What must’ve been a fade out finish (like her Touch Me), its total bedlam here, concentrating all the blood to your head- it literally pulls you out onto the floor to gyrate vigorously to its beats. (naa, just shake your body as if possessed)
You needn’t understand the lyrics (there aint much anyway), to enjoy the song- its more the music kinda song than meaning, but the lyrics do have a relation to the song (as I already mentioned), it (the song) depicts the power of the girl, who can be satiated by none but the strong.

Following the popularity of the song, an extended version was released. The problem is- the original version is too short, while the extended version is too long! :-)
It’s full of power- female power! Samantha Fox rocks! Enjoy the song!

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Rapidshare Free Download Do Ya Do Ya Wanna Please Me (Extended Version) by Samantha Fox
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