Thursday, November 15, 2007

Touch Me: Yeah It touched me (in my heart, if you're curious)

They say “It is not the Disciple who finds the Guru, rather it’s the Guru who knows the Disciple”. Well, I must say, I felt the above, when this song found me at a mall. It was crowded like hell out there, and yet amidst the pandemonium, I could hear a sweet voice crooning some inviting lines. It was like honey to my ears. I tried my best to discern the words, but the only words I could fathom were “Touch Me”, “I wanna feel your body”.

I normally get to hear songs at the mall, and forget them later in the day, but somehow, this one refused to leave my mind. The lines just kept coming back. I had to listen to the song I decided.
Its not easy downloading a song not knowing the name or the album or the artist, I thought. No not at all- just type in the words you heard along with the magic word “lyrics”, and voila, you get the info of any song that contains your lyrics. Its just child’s play to single out the song from that list (yeah I felt like Madhavan writing this- his explanation of homing in on his love-interest in Alaipayuthe in my mind).

Well, back to the song- once I downloaded it, I couldn’t wait to listen, and I wasn’t disappointed either. In fact, I liked it more than I thought I would- I was smitten with it for days together. It’s now one of my all-time favorites.
The whole song is one beautiful composition in Rock- just the kinda song you’ll hear in night clubs accompanied by some dancing ravishing beauties.
It starts off with a drum beat followed by the words “Touch Me”, and transcends into another dimension- and once you are safely landed there, the woman starts to seduce you- that’s how you feel when you first listen to the song, and what a great job she does of it!

I can’t describe the song, part by part- the whole song is a symphony of the first order- it must be heard! It can’t be categorized as a dance number, or a love song- it’s merely a song, only it’s not merely another song! And its lyrics won’t be amiss amidst a cluster of great love poems.
The song was so successful that Samantha’s popularity sky-rocketed after this, and the song alone has a cult following, inducing a techno-heavy remake in 2004 which featured Gunther and Samantha Fox (the video of which contains more perverted content than an XXX store). The song was released with two versions- a blues and a rock version (the rock one being the more famous).
I’ve provided all three versions- the original Rock, blues and remake. And just in case you don't know who Samantha Fox is- here's the notes on her. (with footnotes from me)

why we like her?
Sam Fox not only sang deep, meaningful songs (with a hint of sarcasm, of course), but she jiggled while doing it...

why is she famous?
Samantha Fox is one of the world's most famous singers. Her song "Touch Me," is instantly recognizable anywhere. Her posters (nude and clothed) are among the most common in any of the world's car garages, and one of the most successful ever.

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Rapidshare Free Download Touch Me ( I want your body) Blues Mix by Samantha Fox

Rapidshare Free Download Touch Me ( I want your body) 2004 by Samantha Fox featuring Gunther
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