Sunday, November 18, 2007

Google Desktop : Search Extreme!

When was the last time you tried to find a long-forgotten file using your in-built Windows search and were actually successful?

Have you ever had the feeling of helplessness of not remembering to bookmark certain pages of the net (that you reached after copious amounts of searching) to find that you have deleted the history, and therefore all traces of that page? Now you wanna go there, but cant remember the address, only the site name- and the page you found needs a lot of navigating from the main page.

If that had been a blog, and if you had bookmarked the blog (and not the permalink to that page), chances are you may never find that page after a month- you might have forgotten all critical data about the file.

So how do you get back to pages that you've deleted from history?
The answer is simple- Google Desktop!

Yes Google is the best search engine that's available out there, and it now offers its services to help you bring order to the clutter that is your desktop- your complete PC.

Its shrewd, fast and comprehensive. If you've ever used Google toolbar, you'll find Google Destop pretty similar, only it searches your files and web-history and a lot more.
Simply press Ctrl twice in quick succession (like a double click), and the friendly Google Desktop Seach Bar appears in the middle of your screen (you can disable it if you want).
Click here for a closer look:

It makes suggestions for keywords even as you type in the search terms. It neatly sorts out the search results as files or web-history e-mails, chats or other, providing results in order of latest used. The results presented may contain the search-term in any way- as filename, as inline text, or in a web-page recently viewed, even in your mail-box (for example, in Yahoo mail).

It gives a preview of the page or file, and it has a cached version as well, even in case the page is invalid now, or if the file has been deleted. (of course, if its a word file etc.)
This applies even if the history has been deleted- Google Desktop will have a cached version of every single page visited- so it can serve as a great tool for parents to keep an eye on their children (without them knowing), instead of using Netnanny etc.

Click here for a closer look:

In fact- so powerful it is that it gives you a cached version of even your mail-box page, which means anyone can see the mails you've got (not read them of course, but you can see the inbox page, which is saved as a screenshot by the Google Desktop Software)

And so using this- you can actually search your Yahoo mails too (I know how idiotic Yahoo Mail searches are- absolutely irrelevant) and directly goto your mailbox from Google Desktop search (of course, you must provide the username and password) and read the mail!

Its like those portkeys and fireplaces you've in Harry Potter- just tell them the location and you're right there.

The search results are so relevant, and you can sort them out pretty quickly as you get screenshots with previews of every result. Its like identifying your mom hidden in a group of young girls- so damn easy.

Its an amazing search utility, and it is actually more than merely a search. And whats more, its absolutely free!

To read more about it:

Download it from the official site here:

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