Sunday, November 11, 2007

Music is My Hot Hot Sex: The song in the iPod Touch ad

Well, this is the song for the latest iPod commercial- a number from the album Cansei de Ser Sexy of the brazilian band Cansai de Ser Sexy (meaning "tired of being sexy" in Portugese). It has two names though (the other is Music Is My boyfriend), the more popular one being Music is my hot hot sex (The latter is used more because it prevents any mixing up with a song by Skye Sweetnam).
Its quite a nice song- a dance number reminiscent of another song I reviewed here- Le Disko, but this one is snazzier and the electric guitar is lighter on the decibels. Besides, this's an out and out dance song, with lyrics extolling music, tailor-made for iPod or any music player for that matter.

Well, the song has the electric guitar rolling throughout, with the same drum beats as well- with some funny lyrics, and a nice tune that even kids will catch up with fast.
And it ends with a fast Portugese Rap. Its from a genre called Electronica (the ones that have a large dose of the electric guitar with a funky dance tune).

Here's the Ad ( on youtube)
Here's the song along with the lyrics, enjoy!
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