Monday, November 19, 2007

Australia's answer to Kamal Hassan's Dasavatharam!

If you ever thought the Aussies were nothing more than a bunch of bullies (if you think that is ridiculous, you must watch cricket regularly to know otherwise) with no sense of art or culture- well think again, because good old Warney- the Spin Wizard, has become their new Mascot for his histrionics.
In the latest TV ad, Shane Warne plays the roles of his dad, mum and himself as their baby in this innovative take on Dasavatharam (of course, unintended)- but I guess he goes one step more than all our Indian actors, being cast as a baby as well. (Sorry I couldn't get pics of the baby!)
Well, he may not be the family man in real life (he is a divorced man), but he seems to say to the World- I am the family I need; I can be the mother, father and the baby! :-)
Look at this pic- doesn't he look like Satyaraj?

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