Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Java for making wands: A HP fan's dream

Well every HP fan out there knows there's only one thing that can go beyond the experience of reading about the magical world of Hogwarts and Co., and that would be wielding a wand that could perform "real" magic. Now we must understand that we do have devices that perform certain wand-like functions.

Take for example your simple TV remote control. At a distance that can be described as quite far off, you are able to subjugate the idiot-box (as the TV is fondly called) to heed your commands. Likewise we have remotes for all kinds of purposes- for driving cars, for operating appliances, even for triggering firecrackers.

So why not a wand? What is the difference between the common remote and the magical wand- just the shape right?

We must take into account nature's most important law- "No one gets a free lunch".

To make something listen to your whims and fancies is something. But to materialise something out of thin air is against nature's principles.

Forget such "trivial" limitations, let us suppose we do have power to create things, how would we humans be able to produce a wand that has the functions so wonderfully described in JK's seven classics?

At the site called www.beyondhogwarts.com previosuly named www.dumbledoreisnotdead.com they do provide us a simple answer- fabricate control systems using Java as the programming language and voila, you have the answer.
It's a very informative article that explains concepts of Java with the well known example of Wands. If you are a novice you'll understand the concepts better with a casual reading of it, and if you're well acquainted with Java already it could provide comic relief.
Just check out the article at:

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