Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bubble wrapped Watercube unveiled in Beijing

The National Aquatics Center also called as the "cool" building of the 2008 Beijing Olympics was unveiled today with great fanfare. It will host two events (Good Luck Beijing 2008 Swimming China Open and American Standard the 16th FINA Diving World Cup from 31 January to 05 February) prior to the Big Fish- All water events of the 2008 Olympics.

It is one of most astounding structures that China has constructed (in record time) for the upcoming Olympics. We must not forget that the official Olympics stadium for 2008 itself is supposed to be a marvel of engineering, inspired from the nest of a bird.

This one resembles an incomplete congregation of bubbles before they become one large bubble and burst (due to the internal pressure greater than the external atmospheric pressure), and hence it is aptly called the "Bubble Wrap".

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