Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beijing National Stadium: A bird's nest

Well, we've had a lot of instances in which man has been inspired from Nature (Radar from Bats, Flight from Birds and lots more), and here's another quintessential case- a naturally cooled Olympic Stadium for the upcoming 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

Built on a plan that won the design competition in 2002 for the sole purpose of an Olympic Stadium, the Stadium's specialty is the natural breeze that can be felt from any seat, providing a natural cooler and ventilation system for it, which is expected to seat a 100,000 people. The prize entry came from Herzog and de Meuron, they went onto win the Pritzker Prize.

The Beijing National Stadium, or simply the National Stadium will undoubtedly host the opening and closing ceremony, and the main track and field events. It may also host the finals of certain important events.

It is expected to be completed by March 2008, and it shall look like this when it is finished. A Bird's Nest indeed!

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