Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Billa Movie on the net for Free Download

I'm not one to encourage piracy, but sooner or later this is gonna be out on all forums that I had better put it up on my site as well.
Billa 2007 movie is available for download in the following website. But, beware- you must tread carefully. Use the second option for each part. It downloads faster- but it starts a pop-up, just wait for it to start and immediately close the pop-up. Then wade through the process of downloading- you don't need to register. Just type the verification code and voila- you've started downloading the file.
Each part is 82.4 MB. I haven't checked out the quality though- mine is being downloaded even as I type.

Billa Movie Film Free Download Rapidshare Megaupload


Note: Tinyurl is just a masked version of Rapidshare links. Its perfectly safe. It will redirect you to the rapidshare link in a moment. If you still don't believe me- click on the preview link posted below to verify.

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