Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The girls are ready for Bond 22

It's always been a perenial search for Bond producers to pick the new Bond girl. She needs to be picked like Diamonds from an ocean of Quartz. Aishwarya Rai, the Bollywood beauty, now wife of Abhishek Bachan was once approached for this once-in-a-lifetime role, but just shooed it away like a vegan would refuse meat, in a matter-of-fact manner, all because she didn't want to figure in passionate scenes with the then Bond Pierce Brosnan.
Anyway, the search for that Bond girl was one of the longest, and it ended with Halle Berry being offered the role which she gleefully took as the icing on the cake after having won the Oscar for Monsters' Ball the same year.

The more important search for the last edition was for the man himself-the new Bond. Now that we all have accepted Daniel Craig as the Bond for life, post Casino Royale, the search bounds back to the girls, who for some strange yet pleasurable reason need to be changed for each movie (Not once have I seen the girls make a 2nd appearence, except in some rare instances).

Anyway the search for the girls of Bond 22 is over. Maybe due to the experience with Aishwarya or due to the tremendous success of Eva Brown as an old fashioned European beauty (less of glamour and more of substance) we have the new consignment of beauties from similar roots- 28 year old Olga Kurylenko from Ukraine is confirmed to be the lead actress with English belle Gemma Arterton in a side role. The 20 yr old Gemma was first talked of being in the lead until the ravishing Olga was favoured. I'd suggest the old suggestion- of Gemma playing Bond girl with Olga in the side role would've been perfect, but well, you dont always get what you want, and believe me- you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you get.

Olga has already been part of such accomplished franchises like lead roles Hitman alongside Timothy Olyphant, and a french movie with Elijah Wood. This role of bond girl would be the piece-de-resistance of her career.

Arterton though is just about in the early stages of her career, and it remains to be seen as to how people would find her choice of opting to this role. It either skyrockets your career (in the case of Ursula Andress), or quietly sidelines you into oblivion (take the case of Luciana Paluzzi).

Paluzzi admitted that being a Bond girl is a double edged sword. She was amazed at the level of fame, publicity and recognition she got from Thunderball, but as a result of being in such an outlandish film, she was taken less seriously as an actress by her peers.

So let's wish luck for the latest entrants to the Hall Of Fame for great success in their careers.
All pics are of Olga Kurylenko. She's already fitting well into the job. I must say she does look like Sophie Marceau in the 1st pic, and a lot like Denise Richards in the 3rd.


VIJAY said...

Let's hope the movie is s good as Casino Royale

VIJAY said...

I think bond22 will not be as good as Casino Royale. But anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting to watch this one too.