Saturday, September 22, 2007

Umbertovian Similarities: Coincidence or Cosmic Connection?

Amazing similarities have been observed between the only assassinated King of Italy and his doppelganger (complete look-alike) the owner of a restaurant. Both met on July 28th 1900 at the latter’s restaurant near Milan.

· Both were named Umberto.
· Same birthday (14th March 1844)
· Both had married women of the same name Margherita and on the same day- April 22nd 1868.
· Both had a son of the same name Vittorio.
· Both had received awards for bravery in 1866 and 1870 at the same ceremonies.
· The day of the King Umberto’s coronation was the day the other Umberto had opened his restaurant.

The King decided to give his double an award the following day. But, on that day, he learnt that the other Umberto had died in a shooting accident. The very next moment, while he mourned the death, the King was assassinated!!

Coincidence or Cosmic Connection? You tell me...
But if you ask me- I'd say "What an incredible world!" :-)

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