Saturday, September 22, 2007

Alarming Fall of Girls Population in Tamil Nadu: It's time to pack up guys

The alarming fall of the sex-ratio in Tamil Nadu has raised serious doubts over the implementation of the Law which demands the gender of the baby to be not revealed from the scan results in labs.
The sex-ratio according to recent survey results show that in most regions, the number is close to only 900, and going well below that mark in some other regions.

Reports reveal that the situation is now far worse than 4 years ago (And we say India is moving forward! Bah! Humbug!). Such an anomalous decrease is usually attributed to the selective abortion of the female foetal child, after deducing the sex of the unborn child. This despicable practise that is made convenient through this technological advancement, has propped up its ugly head once again.

Strict legislation and stricter administration can a long way in ensuring equanimity in our State. Also, it is clear that all the talk about women emancipation is just crap. When it comes to critical decisions, our society falls back to derogatory traditional practises!

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Sriram said...

Ah...this is indeed most alarming!