Saturday, September 22, 2007

Having Constipation Trouble? Here's a simple solution

Well, maybe many of us don't have it. Or maybe some of us really don't say it out. Or maybe it's a non-existent problem, talked about only in the medical sidelines, or in a rare once-in-a-blue-moon technical paper.
Whatever it is, we shall never know the truth about the exact numbers. Whether you have it or not- this simple routine in the morning will surely be of immense use to you, and for all those who do have it- follow this and feel the immediate improvement.

1. In the morning, immediately after brushing teeth, drink 6 tumblers of water. If not possible to drink at a stretch, aid the process by drinking one tumbler after another interspersed with walking. But 6 tumblers must be drunk. A tumbler is about 180 ml (the Slice mini of our college is about 200 ml).
2. Take a brisk walk for five minutes punctuated by deep breaths involving contraction and expansion of the stomach muscles.

And that's all. Constipation would be miles away from you by now.
Effects seen within 3 days at the maximum. You will do well to make it a routine.

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