Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Story Behind the Eyes

Imagine if you got a pic like this on your screen out of nowhere. If its in the night, and after having read a story on the supernatural, its enough to scare your wits out of you.

Something like this happened to me last Friday.

I was listening to the preview of a song I was downloading through Limewire. Meanwhile, I decided to open some other applications. And I soon got engrossed working in those applications that I even forgot that the preview had run to completion. After finishing my work and closing those apps, imagine my amazement when I find two cold surreal eyes staring at me.

I was startled for a moment. Only then did I recognise that these eyes were from the visualizations of the Windows Media Player. The fact that I had not selected repeat mode meant that the visualization produced by the last note of the song was still active on the Now Playing screen.

Only then I remembered the song. I was suddenly fascinated by the different kinds of pics I could make by just playing the song (or any other song for that matter). But try what I may, I could never get back those eyes like this. Of course I had saved the pic for posterity the moment I saw it.
The song is Kaho Na Kaho from murder. I've the song that produced this visualization. I merely challenge you to produce pics like these.


Sriram said...

Lol yeah the visualizations in WMP and Winamp can get pretty realistic at times..seems this ine scared you out of your wits!!

Anonymous said...

Authenticated ppk like reaction

Sriram said...