Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Avast Anti-Virus: The best software for home users!

Tired of having to format your hard drive countless number of times despite having different kinds of anti-virus programs installed in your system??
Completely helpless against Browser hijacking malware, because your anti-virus is just ANTI-VIRUS??
Irritated with your paranoiac anti-virus that sees threats at every turn in the web world?

Time to change to most popular FREE Anti-Virus Software- AVAST!
Yes- it’s the perfect blend of powerful protection with good Net accessibility, the perfect mix of caution and lenience, the ultimate for all home users, and what’s more- its absolutely free!

Not many of you know about this I’m sure, most of you using AVG Anti-Virus. Well although I have that as well- AVG is more of a disaster management sort of program. The old saying goes-“Prevention is better than cure”. That’s what Avast excels in. It warns us of incoming viruses with an onscreen scanner- that monitors every single file transferred to and fro the system, that you get the feeling of having a personal bodyguard completely covering you.

  • Besides, it’s Virus Recovery Database (or Virus Chest), allows you to store infected files in a safe folder (from where they can’t do their malicious work) and heal or delete them later on.

  • Every time you open the program it tests the memory and system files for affected files, thereby homing in on the problem with unerring accuracy.

  • In combination with the Windows Tools like System Restore, it can give any virus one hell of a time. And its warnings are almost always correct (except when I tried installing Kazaa, it blocked the file), so you’d better heed them.

  • Its updates (completely free) are so light (most of them under 500Kb) that they won’t take up system resources or bandwidth. Although updates are regular- it doesn’t update everyday.

  • It has an easy to use menu interface allows us to search selected folders, local drives and removable media (CDs, Pen Drives etc.) separately or whole.

  • Depending on your Hard Drive Capacity and the used space in it, and type of search selected, the search time may change. I’ve a 200 GB HDD filled to about half (100 GB) and it takes about 45 minutes for a thorough scan.

  • You can also adjust the sensitivity of the tests and the on-screen scanner as well. This feature allows you to access some files which maybe from 3rd parties that maybe blocked by other anti-virus software.

For most of us home users- we don’t browse all the sites in the world, and so we don’t get all the unknown viruses. So this software should be more than enough for us.

Important Info:
It only needs your registration with its site which is ABSOLUTELY FREE. The registration is valid for a period of 14 months after which you’ll have to
register again. All registrations are COMPLETELY FREE.
The registration involves filling up some info about you (just like for an e-mail account), and
it sends to your e-mail ID the product key using which you can have the full version of Avast Home Edition.
The Professional Edition is for offices, and that needs to be bought. But for us, the free edition is a godsend.

Read more about it in the wiki article


The official website is:


Psst! I use this software too, and I’ve never had troubles with viruses.
It can be freely downloaded from the official website

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Sriram said...

Avast is good,but not the best da.Its big advantage is that its completely free-so no hassles with upgrades,etc.But if you really want to have top-level protection,better go for Symantec's Corporate edition.It has the robustness of Norton Antivirus while consuming less than half the memory of what Norton does.